Tuesday, September 20, 2005

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By Dale Shumaker

From June, 2005 through August, 2005 I wrote with the pen name, Geffry Fields, an outline on how to revive the Body of Christ. I called this... Jesus Is Us. When Jesus died, He came back in the form of Spirit as a corporate body, a group of people, but uniquely One In Spirit.

So Jesus is an Us, we as a group are Jesus, so Jesus is Us.
Those who believe in Jesus are linked as One Group.

Most of the information was recreated from "The Body of Christ" an obscure book self-published by the late J. Robert Ashcroft before his death... this was his passion and life work.

The Posts Are Listed Below
Below is a list of the core posts and when they were posted.
The core of Jesus is Us is from June, 2005 through August, 2005.

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September, 2005
9/14/2005 Spirit is on You...NOW!
9/11/2005 Just a Messenger...Geffry
9/10/2005 About... Jesus is Us
9/09/2005 Stories... Symbols of Spirit
9/02/2005 Prayer, Relationship... a personal thing

August, 2005
8/26/2005 Spirit of Time
8/19/2005 Self Examine... then commit
8/19/2005 Supernatural Gifts exceed natural birth talents
8/11/2005 A Powerful Body in Action... Dr. A's Passion
8/09/2005 Matrix of Jesus Spirit Power
8/05/2005 Great Groups in Jesus Spirit

July, 2005
7/29/2005 When Same Minds Meet...Triggers the Spectacular
7/22/2005 Predictive Intelligence... a Spiritual Arsenal
7/15/2005 Practical Side of Living Jesus Spirit
7/09/2005 Magnitude of Being One...
7/01/2005 Nucleus of Spiritual Power Rediscovered

June, 2005
6/25/2005 Mystery of Spirit... Supernatural delights in surprises
6/22/2005 Connecting Circuits... they all must flow
6/18/2005 The Individual... Jesus Premier people person
6/11/2005 The Bible... which one I like
6/11/2005 Our Body... Jesus’ Spirit lives there
6/06/2005 Response to Mega church…mega deception?
6/04/2005 In Our Dreams... Jesus teaches us
6/03/2005 In Meditation... Jesus Spirit Blossoms

May, 2005
5/28/2005 From Survival to The Supernatural
5/21/2005 Spiritual Intelligence… a supernatural mystery
5/20/2005 Mega church....or mega deceptions
5/13/2005 Making Love in the Bride’s Room
5/13/2005 Jesus Is Us is about...
5/11/2005 Relationship Power... exceeds what's possible
5/07/2005 The Spirit of Jesus is us... Possibilities!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Spirit is on You...NOW!

by Dale Shumaker

This is for you NOW.
It is happening in our lives NOW!

The Spirit of Jesus is on Us.

Jesus is Us.

He has anointed Us to bring this good news...
everyone challenged by life now is exonerated,
You now have been granted a reprieve of every mistake you ever make,
And, now , this very instant, all of The Jesus Spirit is part of you!

Those with broken hearts will now have joy within this Spirit.
If you are handicapped emotionally, physically, mentally....your now have all of Jesus power at your disposal to be set free.

This is the favorable year of the Spirit of Jesus...And again, it is in you and will respond immediately when you ask for it. It is in you and lives in you.

Spirit will be your defense attorney and bring justice to your life where you have been treated unfairly.

If you are sad, Spirit will raise up a happy heart, a positive mind and give you a new, refreshed exhilaratingly, exciting vision for your life.

Instead of a box of tissue beside you for continually wiping the tears of sadness from your eyes,
You have faces of laughter beside you, smiles that lift your spirit and people who love you for who you are.

This is the favorable year of Jesus Spirit in you...
expect His love to surround you...now,
this very instant.

It's within your reach and in you and all His love, joy and peace will envelope your very being Right Now.

Begin to take it all in right now!

You will not feel weak and unable to walk with the weight of depression on your shoulders,

you will be declared to be in the right by all who see your life and justice will prevail. It is now being declared by the Spirit of the Greatest One of the Universe.

God, Jesus and Spirit are all on your side and you will triumph from the old and the new is running into your life now,
this very instant.

You will rebuild all that you thought was ruined in your life. It is actually already been built for you and you just go take it into your life now,
this very instant.

All that was ruined is in the process of being repaired to be better than new,
better than before...right now.

All who you thought despised you, thought poorly of you will see this new you.

They will make a fuss over how great you have become and want to be in your company, to hang out with you and listen excitedly to every word you have to say.

They will see you as the a noted leader, look to you for direction and answers, want to provide you the most significant, the most important things to you.

You will eat the best dinners from all these new friends who want you to come to their house or take you to the finest restaurants.

They will be so honored to just be in your presence. They will brag to their friends that they had the chance to just eat lunch with you.

Instead of feeling ashamed for all the things you messed up in your past, you will have twice as much as you managed to mess up.

Instead of losing everything, you will have twice as much as you lost...and it will compound continually to more and more.

You will have so much you can't give it away fast enough. It will keep coming your way increasingly faster than how fast you try to give it all away.

You will have so much happiness, you will not be able to hold it back. People will know you by your laugh, your chuckle, and bright smile.

Your happiness will be a trademark of who you are and what people say about you.

This position of life is sealed in the Words of Jesus Spirit. This agreement with you and Spirit will last forever and no one can break the living contract you have in Jesus Spirit.

All your children will be well know and they will be recognized as your offspring every place they go. Because the Spirit of Jesus in you is in them.

They will walk in the power of Jesus Spirit and all will be extreme in their happiness around them.

You will rejoice all day long for all Jesus Spirit is creating around, among and in you.

You will be walking in the clouds as if it were like your wedding day. You will looked to for your insight of justice in handling all matters... your hope for them in all you see in them, and the faith it builds in everyone around you.

Yes, this is the favorable year of Jesus Spirit in you.

All you plant will be well watered and fertilized to produce exceptional plants of life, and contribution to those around you.

It will be so big that even if you try to keep it a secret the Word about your life in Spirit exuberance will be seen from city to city, county to county, state to state.

It has arrived, it is now, just take it in and live it out in the free Gift of Jesus Spirit Now in you.
Yes, in you this very instant.

With shoulders back and head high, walk in the Confidence of Jesus Spirit now your Warrior in all you face and do.

This is all beginning in your life TODAY!

Jesus is Us.

[What the Prophet Isaiah(61) said in the Bible, is fulfilled today...
via Geffry to you.]

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Just a Messenger...

Dale Shumaker

As John the Baptist was a forerunner of Jesus,
the Spirit of God himself, this messenger is a forerunner
to the very Presence of Jesus among you.

If you choose to form Jesus is Us Covenant Groups, the very Person, Power, Presence of Jesus will show up again.

If you build a business around a Jesus is Us Core and allow the Supernatural Gifts of the Spirit to flow through you, you will see a new manifestation of Spirit to appear.

If you, as a group or mission, allow Jesus Spirit to be One in you, among you, the Supernatural evidences of Jesus Spirit will be among you.

If you, as a married couple, make this your status of relationship, you will birth supernaturally gifted children and share Spiritually-directed ventures... with the Supernatural Gifts among you.

I am only a messenger like John the Baptist... announcing the coming of the Great One.

He can come even now as you morph your life into Jesus is Us. I am one of the least. He, Jesus Spirit as One in you, will demonstrate the greatest of His Power and Gifts. When you yield from self interests, and mold into Jesus Spirit as One for each other, to each other in love, compassion, kindness and humility,

ALL the Great Supernatural manifestations of Jesus Presence Among you will spill through you.

If organizations who say they represent Spirituality, stubbornly stay in their man-made structures, methods, and man-inspired ideas, they will dry up and break up like clay without water.

On the other hand, those 2, 3, 4 One in Jesus Spirit who let the streams, springs of Spirit flow, refreshing them every day, will see growth of Gifts of Spirit. The Fruits of the Richness of Spirit will constantly invigorate their lives.

I just came to tell.

He, Jesus is Us, Spirit as One, comes to bring exuberant life.

Try it and see what happens...

Make your business a Jesus is Us business to satisfy the needs of a Spiritually malnutritioned humanity.

Make your groups and organizations a Spring of new life and freshness to causes and mission.

Nurture your marriage to give birth to Supernatural Fruit that revives the relationships of your life.

People have a tendency to give because they want something back, so they give gifts to get something out of it. The Spirit is the Greatest Gift… it’s given out of love, so we have greater life and can serve others in creation. It is to be shared and passed on…not requiring anything back.

And God gives the Spirit freely to everyone who asks... as a Gift of Greatest value. It is given to us, so we also freely give it to others.

Through Spirit all is accomplished, all is made, all well-being inhabits it, all joy exists, all love abounds in great abundance.

The Greatest Gift is Jesus Spirit that lives continually in Us.

Be excited about Jesus is Us... His Spirit lives, for real, in you. Live in that and especially in Jesus expression of Love in you to each other.

"The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me,
Because the LORD has anointed me
To bring good news to the humble and hurting.
He has sent me to heal broken hearts,
To proclaim liberty to those in addictions.
And freedom to those imprisoned by life;

To proclaim the favorable year of the LORD
And the day of vengeance of our God;
To comfort all who mourn."
(Prophet Isaiah)

Today, this prophecy is fulfilled.
The Messiah, Anointed One, The Son of God
is here, NOW, among you.

He is
Jesus is Us!

Get the whole story.
Read the blogs Archived...
starting June, 2005 through August, 2005.

Jesus is Us!

Just a Messenger...

Saturday, September 10, 2005

About... Jesus is Us

by Dale Shumaker

A path to Spiritual Power.

A community of free spirits in Jesus,
craving intimacy in relationships, spectacular spirituality

using Jesus Power and not Evil Powers
for Spiritual transformation and miracle magic
of a Higher Manifestation.

It's about Jesus in you,
Spirit-driven universal principles
which rule the kingdoms of the Universe.

It's a Spiritual love connection among mankind
destroying controlling-behaviors caused by the scars of life,

eradicating human need
through a passion for love.

Jesus Is Us is the Creative Power of God
residing in our relationships,

lifestyle re-energizing inner vision....

a force of warriors of Spirit,
renegades to conventional wisdom,
fighting for truth and living in
a nucleus of genuine Spiritual power...

in a world plagued with Spiritual malnutrition....

a Supernatural search engine
powered by Jesus Spirit.

This is what
Jesus is Us!
is about.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Stories... Symbols of Spirit

by Geffry Fields

So much of Spiritual principles of life are not comprehended with our intellectual mind.

We try to rationalize Spirit, using logic and other means and it just falls short. Our thoughts, and intellectual abilities just can't really grasp Spirit and It’s Intelligence. That’s why Jesus emphasized faith. It works, Spirit works in a superior intelligence strata, but it is beyond us to figure out how it works. We just know it works.

In the Bible, Jesus used stories with a Spiritual principle woven into them to teach them Spiritual systems. So many of the things we take literally from reading the Bible are more allegorical... a story, example with an illustration. In other words, Jesus was saying “…to understand what this is in Spirit, it may be more like this…”

Sometimes we wonder why Jesus healed many using so many different ways.
Some he just spoke to. Once he put mud in someone’s eyes.... made from his own saliva and dirt. Was he just a creative guy who just liked variety. I feel in most cases He was trying to get across a Spiritual point... an analogy we could use so that our human intellectual “limitations” could grasp his point.

Baptisms and Rituals
Three forms of baptisms are mentioned in the Bible. One was in water to note that we are washed clean of an old way of living, thinking and we take on a totally new way. The other was to know His Spirit would totally saturates our human make-up and we would be a representative of Spirit just like Him, Jesus Spirit in us, living in us. A third was the baptism of death to human limitations… our society's influence on how we do things and the ways we think. A death to our personal destructive appetites which bring us harm.

Some like to continue to practice rituals. They were very popular with the religious society of Jesus' day.

There is nothing inherently wrong with having a ritual. Some practice a lot of rituals. Many of these can be a reminder of something of value it stands for.

The danger is when we make the ritual itself sacred. That there is something in the ritual that makes things right, or changes things. Everything comes back to the heart, the mind. As the Jesus Follower, Paul, said all these things have no value within themselves. What matters is a change of heart, mind and soul. (These rules may seem wise because they require strong devotion, humility, and severe bodily discipline. But they have no effect when it comes to conquering a person's evil thoughts and desires, Col. 2:23, The Bible)

Stories help us to Grasp Spirit Intelligence
Examples, illustrations, stories can have their benefit when they help us understand what the Jesus Spirit is up to in our lives.

Jesus used the example of the grain of wheat. He said a grain of wheat must die before it can grow and be productive… produce more wheat. We too, must let our intellectual, emotional and psychological dependence die to see Spirit productive in our lives. These interfere because they get in the road, are like weeds around wheat, and are inferior to Spirit.

The story about how wheat germinates is the same way we must “germinate” to become powerful in Spirit. (A seed must gain 30% additional water weight to germinate. It also must be in a high water content in the soil for about 3 days.)

We can use stories, illustrations to create Spiritual meaning as well.

Try to influence people through stories versus laying down the law with rules. Tell a story that illustrates your point. When you have a profound Spiritual thought, ask the Spirit to give you a story on how to explain this to someone.

I had a wise business owner explain almost every business principle he learned with a story. He would share something that happened to him in business and what he learned from it.

People like stories and they can get involved with stories.

As a child I used to walk around the pastures after I took the cows out to pasture. I walked the streams, climbed hills, sat on the top of a hill and looked at the clouds floating above the mountains of Pennsylvania.

It was an inspiring moment. I knew a Spirit of the Universe loomed around everything. There was much peace, intrigue, desire for adventure. Each day I would take a different way back to the house.

I would walk a couple miles wondering, thinking, observing, dreaming. Jesus Spirit then was descending around me. It was like when the Spirit, looking like a Dove, come on Jesus when He was baptized. That's where I was baptized... with Spiritual Awareness.

The Spirit of Jesus Himself come on me at those moments. Joy, happiness walked with me at those times. It's not the ritual that brings the Spirit to you. It's not the technique you apply. It's allowing the Spirit that is naturally there to mold, mend, mine into your heart.

On those walks around the land, I never tried to figure things out.
I just knew. It was just there.

A character was being formed in Me. How, what…caused it. I have no clue. It just happened. Jesus Spirit was at work in me.

The ancient prophet said… God would put Spirit in every One’s heart and everyone would know Spirit, interact with Spirit… Spirit, God, Jesus Spirit personally Himself would teach you, the prophet said.

I learned that early in life. Jesus Spirit Himself was teaching me then. I live with that fixed in me. I don’t ever see God forsaking me for any reason. He Is, and always has been there. I get sad when I do things that may displease Him. He has offered to be my good, faithful buddy in all things. I sometimes shortchange my role in that. He has never done that to me. He was always there when I asked for Him.

There is one absolute of Jesus Spirit I see for sure in my life…
He is There… Always!

My behavior never makes Him go away. I may push Him away. But,
He is there… Always!.

When I do push Him away, I see Him become sad. I see His tears for me. When I realize what I have done, I then shed tears. I have pushed away a very faithful friend..
He is There… Always!

That’s how I know… Jesus is Us. I see Him in everyone.
I am part of you: you are part of me.

Jesus in us is One between us… Jesus is Us.

Everyone I see, I see Jesus Spirit wanting to walk the hills of My Heart as One Together in Him.
I feel tears when I see someone push Him away. But like Him I wait for One to welcome Jesus Spirit into Our Heart….
Jesus Spirit is there… Always.

As you become sad and receive His presence in you again, we share our happiness.
Then We, Jesus Spirit in you and Me, are Together.

Jesus Is Us….
In our hearts, we are happy!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Prayer, Relationship... intimate interactions

by Geffry Fields

Prayer is relationship...
our relationships reflect what we are in prayer.

Prayer is the constant interaction of Spirit through us as it inter-relates constantly in Spirit. Spirit flows back and forth to us. It is the communication of spirit with Spirit (of God).

Three views of Prayer
1. Some see prayer as a Pollyanna thing out of a fairy tale book. They see it as serving no useful purpose and a ridiculous, stupid thing to do or count on. They do not believe a Spiritual force exists we can actually tap into through prayer… that is alive, intelligently active and interacts with us.

2. Some see prayer as a way to get things. It is much like the Santa wish list. It's a way to acquire things we want in life. It is about asking and receiving things wanted just because we want it.

3. Another view of prayer is... it is our interacting relationship with God in Spirit. Spirit communicates with us and directs us on what to do throughout a day. It's a total Spiritual communication involving all the mind, heart and soul.

The highest, deepest level of intimate interactions!!
This is the Jesus is Us view.

It is a relationship channel we interact with constantly in Spirit... Jesus Spirit.

It’s reproductively active and flows through us. As Jesus said, "I will provide a Spring of Living Water"... that's a constant flow of fresh water that comes into us. We then disperse this flow(Jesus Spirit) to others and it is shared with all. It is receiving who and what God is… and giving it away.

Oswald Chambers said this about prayer:
"Prayer is not a normal part of the life of the natural man. We hear it said that a person’s life will suffer if he doesn’t pray, but I question that. What will suffer is the life of [Jesus Spirit] in him, which is nourished not by food, but by prayer.
...We look upon prayer simply as a means of getting things for ourselves, but the Spiritual purpose of prayer is that we may get to know God Himself.
...To say that 'prayer changes things' is not as close to the truth as saying, 'Prayer changes me and then I change things.'
God has established things so that prayer changes the way a person looks at things. Prayer is not a matter of changing things externally, but one of working miracles in a person’s inner nature." (My Utmost for His Highest, August 28 reading.)

Dr. A. summed things up as two key areas for Jesus is Us power...
--Prayer... existing in constant interaction in Spirit with God himself.
--Relationship... extending this “in Spirit” relationship to relating “in Spirit” with others.

It's so much about relationship... with Jesus Spirit, within ourselves and with others. Prayer... then is who we are, not so much what we do.

We are prayer... Jesus Spirit in continual interaction in us.

In prayer, we connect in relationship with others of the Same Spiritual pursuit. We respond to others consistent with Jesus Spirit (Who is literally One with everything in the universe).

So, when in this Spiritual relationship "in Spirit,"
we normally practice these people relationship qualities…
--loving others as ourselves
--giving freely to others needs
--forgiving when things go wrong
--tolerating what we can't change

Through Jesus Spirit, in prayer, we team with others’ complementary gifts for increasing Power. Our Spiritual Gifts team with their Spiritual Gifts which create tremendous power.

With this in mind, as you pray and when you pray, relationships build between the two interacting in Spirit... it can be vocal or silent. It happens when those in the same Spirit are in uninhibited flow, flowing without emotional hindrances.

If, after we pray, there is disregard for the “relationship feature” of being One in Spirit, potency of prayer diminishes, digresses and lessens.

When we disregard the relationship factor, everything breaks up. The potential of prayer is drastically hampered and dampened. What is committed to in Spirit needs to remain consistent with the Jesus Spirit and the Qualities of Spirit within you, to God and to each other. But if respect for another one of God's creation is not there, prayer power, Spirit working power, is not there either. Spirit honors its creation, we must honor it in the same way too.

Spirit that likes to give itself away, Spirit (prayer) flows in a natural manner between those with the Same Spirit.

It connects without effort... while loving freely.

Jesus Spirit flows back and forth like a stream circulating, refreshing, refueling, re-energizing.

In prayer, interacting in Jesus Spirit, we become bigger, much bigger than ourselves as this flow builds on itself. It is like putting two surging Springs together which form a mountain stream of great rapids of flowing power.

Potential for power keeps increasing steadily and compounding at Supernatural rates.

As we refine the process of this flowing Spirit of relationship among each other, power intensifies.

As you intensify Spirit in prayer… by interacting in Spirit constantly, and building relationships with others in Spirit, the magnitude of Spirit will live as a natural part of you.

Cultivate prayer,
build relationships.

Make Prayer
and Relationships your emphasis in life.