Friday, February 24, 2006

Immanuel... Jesus with us, still!

by Dale Shumaker

This word came to me while visiting the House of Prayer in Kansas City.
The Prophetic Worshippers were worshipping the Word from John, Chapter 1. Immanuel, "God with us," became a theme for part of the worship.
This then came to me and developed over the next 24 hours.

"Immanuel... God with us."

This New Army will set free all the captives, Broken Hearted, mauled by the vicious vices of men.

This New Spirit Generation will have God with them. The majesty, miraculous, mighty, magnificence of Jesus. Jesus Spirit will inhabit them.

Like the fair maiden, they will marry the wisdom of old... as the virgin prophetess married the Prophet Isaiah. (Isaiah 8:3)

This young and old united, the new birthed Immanuel,
will become One in Spirit.
Jesus arrives in Power,
Lives among us.

The young and old will conceive and give birth... as the young prophetess married the elder prophet... will birth a power that sets the world free.

Priests of the Lord,
Ministers of One God,
Jesus Spirit rises again to live among us... to break the chains, leg irons, vices of the world that cuff us.

Prisoners of life.
You are set free!!
Those needing healed,
you are set free!!!

The old will have the shame,
they have carried for years from
forsaking the Power of God,
Denying Spirit, denying the living water.

"They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water. ( Jeremiah 2:13)

Denying Spirit and living for a world seen, and denying the world not seen.

The shame of denying the Spring of Living Water...
pulsating within, pushing within to give birth to fountains of Jesus Spirit Power that will flood humanity with love, joy, hope... and "Kingdom Come " power of Jesus with Us...

The shame of denying this power will be removed.

God sends the virgins of young, the pure in Spirit, of youth to set them free... to mend these broken vessels so the Rivers of Living Water will flow powerfully through them like never seen before. God's Spirit will pour out on them. A double portion will indeed return, fill their empty stained, rusty cups. They will turn back to pure silver and never rust again.

Over flowing with Spirit as a New Freshness saturates them.

No more humiliation of earth, separated from the Power of God's River of Living Water.

Again to walk in joy, love, full life of Spirit that reaches out and heals everything it touches... broken hearts, rotting bodies, releasing them as prisoners from the dungeons of life's condemnation.

This marriage will purify the wickedness of the generation who formed religions, idolizing their own images of worship, but denied the Spirit of its innate Power.

This marriage will bring them as One back to the fold again.

This Virgin in Spirit, the New Spirit Generation will save them.
And Unite in marriage in Spirit and
give birth to the New Society of Jesus is Us.
Immanuel is now with us... come back to be with us again...

the New Spirit Generation of Jesus Spirit as One.

Jesus is Us.