Saturday, June 25, 2005

Mystery of Spirit... Supernatural delights in surprises

by Geffry Fields

We don't have to know how...
we just know that He will.

Jesus appears to us in surprising and unexpected ways. He sometimes comes to us in a very common package. In life's distractions, stresses and other interests we may have, he may miss the delightful and welcomed appearances He has for us.

Tris, a single mom friend of mine, was telling me on the phone recently that she had not gotten a new job yet and was out of money. I said to Tris that she needed to just believe... you don't need to know how it will come, but Jesus will show up and assist her.
(Well, honestly, it is easier to have faith for someone else when they are stressed than it is when you are there too.)
So as we ended our conversation, Tris decided to just believe and know she will be taken care of some how.

The thought stuck in my mind though...

we don't need to know how, but that He will.
Jesus Spirit delights to surprise us.

Remember as a kid, when you really wanted something and had no clue that you would ever get it. Then, to your striking surprise, it shows up.
Someone somewhere heard you and responded. Because it was so important to you they wanted to surprise you with it.

What is very important and sometimes crucially necessary to have at a crucial time,
comes to us in a way that delightfully surprises us. When it is very important to us, Jesus many times presents it to us in a surprising way. He wants to know He was involved, Heard us and wants us to know without a doubt it was from Him.

It is believing it will happen, but not necessarily knowing right then how it will happen.

Well, after talking to Tris, later that same night, she said she got a call shortly after we got off the phone and one of her relatives (who didn't know the desperation of the circumstances), out of the clear blue, decided to send some money. It was in the mail and to be looking for it. Jesus showed up... through an unexpected source.. but at just the right time. Tris was elated.

Dr. A elaborated on this idea. He pointed out that after His death, Jesus appeared to two of his followers while they were walking along a road. The followers were grieving over His death. This person began walking alongside them and talking with them and they didn't even realize it was Jesus (as they knew He was dead and didn't conceive He would be showing up again). He might have looked like a common person, so the followers didn't even recognize who He was.

Here's what Dr. A. saw here.

The two were talking together with great intensity.

Jesus gave them particular attention because of their harmony with each other and their concern for matters related to what Jesus is about.

They were so focused on themselves. They did not notice that Jesus was present. Sometimes we must get outside ourselves...our self interests interfere with seeing Jesus Spirit among us. They were so occupied with their thoughts they totally overlooked, that the answer to their thoughts was right beside them.

In the midst of doubt and discouragement, Jesus will appear. When we, who recognize the Jesus Spirit in Us, communicate on matters of concern among us, we need to be open to "how" Jesus comes to solve the matter.

"If Jesus came to them in the midst of their doubt, He will come to us in our time of anxiety. Understanding the powers of the law of spiritual relationship among believers should have calmed their sense of loss." (Dr. A)

Jesus appeared to His followers along the shore and again they didn't recognize Him.

It is not always easy to recognize the ways Jesus Spirit enters our lives to bring Supernatural solutions to our lives.

So not to miss Jesus Spirit among us, we should keep our minds open to all ways...even things that may disturb us... that Jesus will use to personally deliver His response in a very surprising and delightful way.

He delights to surprise us!

Dr. A summarized how Jesus presence is manifested among us and for us:

1. Jesus meets us in the common activities of our lives. He may be the person just sitting next to us at the coffee shop, or mechanic fixing our car.

2. When He is the center of our focus He blesses the bread we have. He works through what we have to accomplish the seemingly incapable but hoped for.

3. It is during our sharing with another, who believes that Jesus is in Us, is when Great Heavenly Power goes to work! This is an exceptionally super power principle of Spiritual manifestation in our lives. He reveals Himself personally, in response to our grief, deep felt heart's desires, when at least two share passionately about mutual interests.

While I was talking to Tris about her situation, Jesus was with us... for real... He was there within our sharing. Two in Jesus Spirit who share actually invite His real presence with them. This is so powerful when you take a minute to think about it.

And especially note... Jesus comes in unexpected surprising ways.!

In Tris' case, Jesus Spirit communicated to someone a 1000 miles away to help her outside of anyone else's direct communication.

4. Many times, like when Jesus followers recognized Him, He vanished. When we accept the Active, within us, Power of Spirit of Jesus is at work through all our lives... the Presence and Hope of His response to things related to His Principles
can spring up anywhere, through anyone, at any time.

5. This experience is transforming as it motivates us to then proceed boldly as we saw how the Supernatural of Spirit took over and makes something happen out of nowhere, but maybe through something so simple we could have completely overlooked it.

The feature principle here is that Spirit of Jesus in Us, when shared, and when constantly shared, keeps these Supernatural happenings
happening all the time.

As long as we share the Spirit of Jesus transfigured in us to all those around us.

And with Jesus in Us, He also has us be the delivery person, on the behalf of others. We have the joy to be the surprise package Jesus Spirit is leading to someone else.

Jesus is Us and when we share, mutually of the same Jesus Spirit...
He shows up.

Whether in a business meeting with a close associate, or a couple sharing, when Jesus Spirit is the center of Us, Jesus Spirit comes and responds to what we are talking about. This is an every day power that is actively in operation for those who live Jesus is Us.

And He delights to surprise how and when.

We don't need to know how...just that He will.

Expect this happening to happen in your life...
Jesus Spirit constantly Delightfully Surprising you!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Connecting Circuits... they all must flow

by Geffry Fields

We are designed as a community of power points where Spirit is in constant flow.

When this flow breaks down, the whole thing doesn't work.

This is critical to Supernatural functional power in our lives. Jesus Spirit engineered it that way.

In physics, technology everything is interconnected... our bodies are interconnected. When one part does not connect with the other part the whole configuration is bogged down. In cars, computers are designed so when one part malfunctions, the others pick up the slack. It still runs, but not as well. For us to see the best of what is possible for us we must have our relationships fine tuned and connecting with great precision.

This is so critical as the best of everything depends our relationships to others.

Where harmony prevails, power increases.
Great power is demonstrated when great harmony is functioning.

This becomes self-evident. Just like a circuit board in technology... when all circuits are technically correct and programmed well, the effectiveness and speed increases proportionately.

Dr. A. related this to how the Power of Jesus Spirit is released through our relationships. These are the circuit connections God uses. Each has a part and function, and when harmony is intricately there,

Power is vigorously expressed.

All the unique birth gifts and Spirit-Powered gifts of people are contingent on this harmony among the individuals of any group...home, office, club, sports, etc. I have spent a lot of time studying small business development. Small businesses lack the power of harmonious group connection.

I grew up close to Pennsylvania Amish country. All the families worked together. They connected with each other and unselfishly assisted each other. This type of mindset and activity would greatly help small business owners.

If they formed teams, as small businesses, and worked as harmonious complementing units, they would be much more powerful. Small could become big if the small units harmonized efforts to form big effort. It is taking each strength and synergizing it with others so that as a "virtual corporation" they operate with much more power.

A Spiritual Power Cell is formed.

This holds true for our Spiritual lives. When we combine in belief, hope and faith alongside others... share, pray, believe as a unit... great Spiritual Power ignites!

There are a few ground rules to make this work. Every effort should be made to mend a rift between those working together. Condemning others or judging others will shut down the circuiting flow of Spirit that creates the power. Every effort should be made at reconciliation between parties. When we take curative action, power can be restored. As Dr. A put it..."whatever you (the corporate body) bind on earth is bound in heaven." Heaven and earth are linked. All the power of Heaven is prepared to launch. All circuits are opened and all the power of the universe flows freely.

(Note: when bind is used above it is a very strong word… it’s a cemented, emotional, mental, spiritual agreement of Heavenly authority.)

This cannot be emphasized too much. These kind of team efforts, when talents and skills are combined in complementary ways, create supernatural power potential.

Some may take this thought and twist it to their advantage and tell others "if you don't follow me," you are not cooperating. This attitude is selfish as the true attitude seeks to understand the gifts in each other and seeks to help the other use them to the highest level in Jesus Spirit potential as possible. The true Spirit of Jesus yields to others, puts others first and has a servant’s heart. They see themselves as one who sees others more important than themselves and tries to help them be the person that Jesus sees them to be.

It's an inter-relating cooperation of everyone with Jesus and His way of thinking through them.

The real question is...
What is my role in this person's life for what Jesus has for them?

This holds true for marriages, business relationships, clubs, organizations, friends....when we think and act this way the circuits of connection are wide open and we allow all of the Spirit, universe-changing, Power of Jesus Spirit in Us and connecting us to flow at a mighty force.

What is agreed on in the world connects with the power of heaven. This is the hub of relationship power. Too often we focus more on the number of people involved in something and not the relationship between the people. This is where Dr. A jumped to the head of thinking today. He said the power...having the power of Heaven touch us on earth... is based on the Relationship Quality people whatever they are doing. It is not the number of people. It is The Relationship between the two or three combining talents in a project, activity, or personal relationship.

He noted that it is easier to get harmonious agreement between two or three than with larger numbers. The real issue is how well, the quality, kindredness, intimacy(mind/spirit) of those relating to each other. If this is not the case, “the number of people involved means nothing."

In a church, large business gathering, event, we judge success by the numbers as being powerful. But a crowd, not connected, will quickly turn on you. Two or three with a well-built, developed, tightly-knit relationship will stay loyal to each other regardless of circumstances.

Growing up close to Philadelphia, it is observed by many that the sports fans in that city will quickly turn from you when you lose. Team loyalty is not a hallmark fan trait there. The large crowds will diminish if the team is not winning. Why? Lack of a relationship between fans and team members.

Crowds of individuals, unrelated, unconcerned about the well being of anyone else... are there for self interest. They lack the dynamic of agreement in their group. Those who don't participate in a process are not loyal to a process. This is dangerous and a vulnerable characteristic of mass meetings developed without relationship qualities intertwined through them.

Large gathers of any kind are vulnerable to losing people quickly if things don't go as the people desire. Where relationship ties are lacking, loyalty can fade quickly and desertion can happen suddenly.

In the Bible it even says that in response to some of Jesus teachings the crowds quickly abandoned Him. They were only around him for selfish interests. To be fed, feel good, see a miracle... but were not connected to Him personally.

Masses not connected among each other are very volatile and can change their position to you suddenly, and without warning.

From experience, I would rather work with smaller groups than larger groups initially. Larger groups have a mass mob psychology and it is hard to cultivate a group mind that works together. Jesus himself focused on just a few people the last part of His life on earth. They became committed, Supernaturally, and changed the whole dynamics of the world... and it is still going on.

This is also for us today... even at a greater level...

If we would go for it.

Note: Action on earth is validated by action in Heaven. When One in Spirit and mind on earth, we ignite the forces of Heaven.

The Power Point:
"Our relationships to others ON EARTH "releases" Jesus Spirit Power in Us from Heaven."

Small mission teams networking with other small mission teams (with each team strong in their relationships among themselves and strong relationships connecting the teams) they can saturate the cracks and crevices of any social mass.

It will be a well connected Power Circuit.

It will be the very Active Presence of Jesus Spirit flowing forcefully through all Circuits.

It will form a massive “mother” board, an invincible Spiritually-based platform. Jesus is Us is Spread throughout, within, and penetrating though all nooks of society. The very Presence of Jesus is in among us. As we allow this very presence of Jesus Spirit among us, all of His Great Power is manifested through us.

There is love and forgiveness and our Circuits are Connected to Him

and all of His Circuits are connected to each other.

We are One within the Power of the universe, controlling power of the ages.

It controls evil spirits of the world, destructive thinking of the world, diabolical plots of the world, harmful diseases of the world... we got the Power and it is among us and working through US as Jesus is Us... and we can see all the Powers of His authority working .

Jesus is among us... literally.. in Spirit, connecting with

THE Super Power.

When Jesus is the center of our lives and efforts,
we have the presence of life's circumstance-changing Power all around Us.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Individual... Jesus Premier people person

by Geffry Fields

When asked who was the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus pointed to a child.

This is important to reaching the height of Spiritual experience in our lives… this one experience of Jesus lays a core foundation for all greatest in Spiritual lifestyle.

What stood out in Jesus function and character was, although aware of the crowds, he saw individual persons.

Today we are starting to pay more attention to each person... what are his/her gifts, natural birth gifts? What is significant about this person that plays a critical role in all we do? We live in a mass society. But the individual voice is now showing how powerful it is as outlets are being made for that to be heard.

Business Week magazine(June 20, 2005) pointed out that we may be rapidly moving out of an industrial-based business world and will have an economic structure "of the people, by the people and for the people." Instead of the power of the big movers and shakers, a new power is emerging...the power of the mass as one voice, united in cause and spirit.

Now millions of weblogs are being formed by individuals on every subject imaginable and they, as a collective group of individuals, are sharing their individual voices among each other. The heart of regular folks is being heard. There is a “Power of Us” forming.

Jesus pointed to this all along… in everything He did and said. He is what we may call the premier people person. People are important as individual personalities and not just numbers. He came to earth representing being the least of all people. Being born in a barn was by design to make His point.

Jesus hung around society's undesirables. He openly talked to a woman known for her indiscreet lifestyle living with many men... having many men in her life and being sexually active with all of them. Then He went to parties with the most corrupt business and government people in town who invited all their friends... known for being notorious “bad boys” of the town.

When on a trip, very intensely heading to an important engagement that was critical to his mission on earth, he was walking so fast even his entourage couldn’t keep up with him. A woman tracked him down and pleaded with him to stop and heal her daughter. Jesus at first ignored her, then in her pestering he finally stopped. He had compassion for her, and helped her.

Jesus has great compassion for individuals. He saw each of their hearts whether immoral, corrupt or hurting. He took time to help even at the times when he didn’t have the time.

This is so characteristic when He took time for children. He made His point here. The point He makes…is central to all Spiritual power in our lives.

A child is the most teachable and impressionable person. Jesus saw this as the ideal spirit within a person. Meekness (humble, open-minded, willing to listen), being teaching is the beginning of getting wisdom directly from Jesus Spirit and living in power in ourselves and "collectively" with each other.

Collective Connection…
linking all the voices of Spirit…
someone may ask who is the person in charge in such a case.

Our society wants to know… who is in charge. Who is the leader, president, the authority person over this?

What is so profound of this new way of thought by Jesus was that He personally would be in charge. If we listen to our hearts (each person sincerely on his own looking into his heart), they would hear Jesus Spirit pulsating His thoughts, ways, Power of Life to them.

In sincerity, not putting one's self above any one else, we would hear the voice of Jesus. Link our voices from Spirit; and Our Voice would be One.

So we then have this respect for everyone, because everyone has the Spirit of Jesus in them, speaking continually. We would not rate whether we listen to someone because of life status... age, position, income, belongings, talents, etc. We all vary, are distinctively different from each other in some way.

But in Spirit, we are linked as One Spirit.

We respect the Spirit of Jesus in everyone of Us as equal. So we would be careful not to offend even one of the least of those around us, of those we come into contact with each day. This leads us then to see ourselves in a role to serve others.

The seat of our authority is in our relationships... open-minded, humble, and willing to listen respectfully to each other.

This opens the door for a mammoth level of power. Jesus said we cannot enter the Kingdom of God unless we become as a child... having the qualities of a child. A child is open, eager to listen and understand. A child believes what he is told and when growing up in an open, accepting environment he becomes very honest in all he/she does.

This is the true evidence for whether we have received the Spirit of Jesus in our lives... it is determined by how we receive the "least" of these around us.

When we receive, accept, respect the heightened position of every created one of God, we accept what Jesus Spirit is in us.

We then can relish and live with confidence that all of Jesus Spirit Power, Love, Peace, walks continually with us. When we become prideful, feel better than, criticize others, we subdue the very Spirit of Jesus to be expressed our lives. We block this natural flow of His love and power in us.
It’s there, always there, we just suppress its potential.

Jesus said the way we treat the less fortunate is the way we are treating Him.
Jesus takes this action as our attitude toward Him.

Dr. A, when referring to those in what is called church, said (which was very strong) if you ignore, overlook people due to race, class, amount of wealth, education, position, we reject Jesus. These people “are not members” of the real Body of Believers, not in His Church.

A person may go to a church, be a member of a religious group and do all the things they do to be recognized as "Godly" people, but if this is not part of a person's heart they are not part of Jesus' collective, power-source of people.

It’s a heart thing…
not an organization thing… It’s a Spiritual thing.
It’s about our recognized connection and respect to each other
as being part of us.
Dr. A was very emphatic about this.

“Many people in churches may not be true followers of Jesus.” (Dr. A)

By violating this one principle of what a true Jesus follower is, this may have caused more damage than any other; and it has caused many to not be receptive of the reality of the Spirit of Jesus living in them, and has hindered many from interacting with each other within the heart of Jesus Spirit.

Dr. A identified the above line of thought with its origin in Matthew 18 in the Bible. He summarized that true Believers, who live out the Power of Jesus in them, recognize

1. The highly valued importance of each individual and the uniquely placed Spiritual gifts in each and every person.

2. And the importance of relating to each other knowing that the personal person of Jesus Spirit lives in each person…We collectively become all who Jesus IS.

This is the most important lesson of those accepting Jesus is Us.

We, collectively, have all the power of Jesus at our disposal.

When we reject this connection,
we rob ourselves and others of the Unlimited Benefits of this connection...
earth-forming, man-creating, universe-managing level Power.

So… we live knowing Jesus is Us.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Bible... which one I like

by Geffry Fields

Why is the Bible so important?

Isaiah, a prophet from the Old Testament in the Bible, said...
(Isaiah 34)
16 Search the book of the LORD, and see what he will do. He will not miss a single detail... His Spirit will make it all come true.

The Old Testament was written to show this to be true. Everything it forecast about Jesus coming to earth as God Himself came true. It's information has proven to be the most reliable in holding up over history. I see it as the manufacturing guide book on how to run this human life more effectively to code as prescribed by our Maker. And living in High Test Power as Jesus demonstrated we can when we live consistent to His example and principles.

The Spirit (that Isaiah mentioned) that makes it all come true is the same Spirit we have access to... when we get an impression from reading, pondering a Scripture in the Bible, that has specific premonition for us. These impressions we get many times come true that were inspired to us when reflecting on the Bible.

Also, in a survey, managers were asked which current business book was one they most often gave to their staffs. The survey had the Bible as #4 on the list. Especially the New Living Translation.

Which is the best version for understanding?
I like the New Living Translation (NLT) as one of my favorites. It has inspiration with a nice flow in the words and phrases.
The New American Standard is another favorite. It is not as easy to follow its reading style but has excellent literal accuracy.
The New International Version is very popular too. It has a good reading flow with accuracy in translations.
The Message is a very good paraphrase with an emphasis on getting the intended message using analogies related to today. It is not considered to be a translation.
Of course there are many others. But these are my favorites. I like when they have cross reference scriptures on the column which shows where a theme is repeated else where.

Free Bible translations on the Internet

The following are websites which have the Bible, and many translations, on the internet.
Several have dictionaries and commentaries available too, with full Bible search for key words, Scriptures and subjects.

The above have numerous other helps and has "lots" of translations available.

For me, when I reflect while reading a section of the Bible I get some creative, inspired insight almost every time and I am always encouraged to handle something I am facing with more courage, boldness and with Spiritual Intelligence.

Our Body... Jesus’ Spirit lives there

by Geffry Fields

Dr A. always emphasized to me that
Jesus lives in me... "remember," he would say, "Jesus Lives in You!"

When one lives with that in mind, it is amazing how powerful that realization is.

He was an avid reader of Andrew Murray.

Murray said we are theTemple (our bodies) of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19). Our make up is a parallel to the Temple described in the Old Testament of the Bible... with the outer court, the inner court and the Most Holy Place or as Murray calls it "The Secret Place of the Most High." The Place where the actual Spirit of God, the creator of the universe, the whole universal presence, exists!

...We are now this temple...!

"The Secret Place of the Most High" is in us!

Our bodies are the place where all of God's... beyond-definition, unmatchable... Spirit exists.

It is up to us to tap it.

The outer court is our visible life... mind, physical body, what we see of the world around us. The inner court is the soul, emotions, passions, heart, vision. But deep within each of us is the Secret Place of the Most High, where the very presence of Jesus Spirit lives.

Jesus was the earthly replica of God. So Jesus lived on earth to give us an idea of what our capabilities really are. All creative powers of God, Jesus, live in us.

Murray went on to say...."The Holy Spirit of God, the Father of creation, Jesus, even now makes His abode in me. ...As I yield myself to silent meditation, worship of this incredible condition that goes with me, surrendering, opening my whole being to Him, He will in His Divine, loving, living power shine into my consciousness the light of His presence." (The Spirit of Christ by Andrew Murray, Bethany House, 1979,pp. 158-153)

Murray had a method for tapping into this in....
Hints for the Inner Chamber.

1. As you enter the Inner Chamber, focus first on what the Power of Spirit is really about.
Take 5 minutes to think on all the creative, unique, spectacular things The very Spirit of Jesus has done and can do. Think of all the good things which have happened to you that you feel Jesus Spirit was directly involved in making it happen. Look to all the wonderful things that have come into your life. Have a thankful heart of Jesus Spirit who has provided all these for you.

2. Prepare for prayer by contemplating on the Scriptures from the Bible.
Prayer... Murray defines as a dialogue....time listening, responding, interacting, asking, listening, reviewing, asking, writing, pondering .etc.... it's interactive.

Start meditation times with Inspired Scriptures, times going into the very Inner Chamber of where all the power that created the universe, made you and will continue bringing miracles into your life. Think on the verses, ideas you get from the Bible about all these areas. Don't take time on difficult Bible passages that you don't understand. (Be concerned about them later.)

For this time, read until you find the verse that totally captures your imagination, gives you a spark of faith, makes you want to grab it and run with it. As Dr. A. said, make that your faith word for the day. Go from this quiet time and take this with you all day.

3. When you feel you have put this faith word in your heart, then turn to praying.
Praying again is conversation, knowing the Inner Chamber of God's very own Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus, is taking it all in, and all the thoughts and impressions you get then, are Jesus literally talking to you.

Take a note book and begin writing down what you ask Him for... be specific and "definite" as Murray says. Carry this with you, make notes in it daily, date it and note when you see the answer materializing. Some call these prayer journals. I have found a notebook works great. I like to get a colored set of pens I carry with me to write in as my "Spiritual thoughts" book, and for prayer requests. Keep praying, asking, going to the Inner Chamber and seeing God making it happen until it begins to form into reality.

Seeing it before it happens as if it is, has, already happened is very powerful. Thanking and being grateful before it happens is also very powerful. It adds a additional dynamic in spirit transaction, transporting thought into reality. This makes prayer, as so many call it, a very exciting time as you read thoughts(from Bible and inspired literature) and create a relevant application to it... seeing it happening in your mind's eyes... birthed from the Secret Place of the Most High within your own body... working with you... as part of you... making this happen.

4. As we pray for ourselves, include what others want also. Begin seeing what friends, spouse, others are asking for, to happen for them too. See them as God sees them and pray for the Greatness in Their lives as The Spirit of Jesus would want to see in them.

5. Then seal it... know the Inner Chamber controls the world around it and what you have meditated on, see happening through your eyes of faith and vision, see all this as in motion and now happening. Remind yourself through the day, this has been sealed in the Inner Chamber. The very Most High presence of God Himself, outstanding presence of Jesus in you, has taken in this matter. It is sealed, done, on its way. When you leave your quiet meditative times with this fixed in your thoughts the Spirit comes dramatically alive in you. He walks along side us in our lives with an extra set of confidence, boldness accompanying all we do.
(Prayer Power by Andrew Murray, Whitaker, 1998, pp. 95-102.)

I can see that Dr. A's personal devotional, reflection plan, is similar to Murray's.
(Note “In Meditation... Jesus Spirit Blossoms” featuring Dr. A’s personal plan.)

Murray concluded this thought by reminding us that there is an investment return factor too.
Time you spend in quiet confidence, living in God's Inner Chamber, the Spirit of Jesus in you, is directly related to God's working power through you. The more time spent there, the greater the Power of Spirit you will see being enacted in your life. Jesus often spent the whole night in this state, in the very Presence of Spirit of the Universe. These events were always followed by the most astounding happenings the next day.

We can have the same in our lives.
If you are willing to invest the time,
more of what you Will to be...
will be part of your life.

Power, love, happiness,'s satisfactions will be within you, surround you.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Response to Mega church…mega deception?

by Geffry Fields

After posting the mega church... mega deception? blog, here are a few responses.

One was a business friend who, from the world's standards, is quite successful in what he is doing. He shared the following.

"Deception is nothing new to the body of Christ, charlatans have been around since the beginning of time. Have we taken worldly attractions and made them spiritual mantras, is success, longevity and health spiritual success? It seems the church wants to make you feel that if you do not have these things your faith is wavering. Is it guaranteed because we are believers? If it is then God owes Paul and many other saints an apology.

BE YE SEPARATE can we tell Christians from non-Christians?"

Then I ran across E.M. Bounds book the other day...Guide to Spiritual Warfare. Bounds wrote this about 100 years ago and it was such a parallel to the above observations as well. When two or more are seeing the same thing, it is usually a good clue of validity to the observations. Here's a few excerpts from Bounds book( chapter’s 5 and 6):

"The Power of the Holy Spirit gives the church its ability to accomplish purposes for which it is designed.”

"It is easy for material assessments to become priority by emphasizing them until the opinion is created that these things are most important. When collecting money, building churches, counting attendance becomes evidence of church prosperity, the world has a stronghold, and Satan has achieved his purpose."

"(Satan) seeks to reduce the church to mere human institution--popular, natural, fleshly, and pleasing.... with gymnasiums, kitchens, parlors, clubs and ministries to the flesh and to the world..." When man's views, strategies, ideas and agencies run the church "God's right arm is
paralyzed, the body of Christ becomes the body of Satan, light is turned to darkness and life into death... a disgraceful apostasy."

"Wealth and prosperity may be the costly spices and splendid decorations that embalm and entomb our spirituality.... Spiritual barrenness and rottenness in a church are generally hidden by a pleasant exterior and unusual growth."

He concurs with it must be the Holy Spirit building the church and not human schemes and plans. He stressed "Holiness" is still a foundation and as my friend said to "Be separate" in how we do things.

"The man who has most of God's Spirit is the chosen leader. He is zealous for God's Sovereignty, ambitious to be the least, the slave of all."(Bounds)

So what is the church to be… it is not an organization, institution or a not-for-profit tax deductible entity… This is probably one of the gravest sins committed by those wanting to call themselves churches…allying themselves with a government just to get money so people can get tax advantages(Jesus said to give and expect nothing back) and feel good about themselves.

They have become too business-y; so God may just make businesses with qualities of what a fellowship of Jesus believers should be. E.M. Bounds was put in jail for not taking an oath with the Federal Government. Is this all sounding too radical, or have we compromised so long we have become insensitive to how we have strayed.

Dr. A just grieved on how we have strayed so far and not even being concerned about it.
I have grieved too about the stupid things we do "in the name of the Lord." But Dr. A cautioned me about taking a negative, critical mental position... he encouraged me to do it right. So I set out to build a prototype for development and refinement. It would be quite difficult to try to repair what is there, so I am beginning it outside the walls of what is called church in America.

As the Apostle Paul said to the Ephesians 2:
20 We are His house…built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets. And the cornerstone is Christ Jesus himself.
21 We who believe are carefully joined together, becoming a holy temple for the Lord. …
joined together as part of this dwelling where God lives by his Spirit.

Holiness is living in unity with each other, a closely committed loving relationship with each other, accepting each of our roles as priests and prophets and knowing we all can hear directly from The Spirit.
It is our connection in love, harmony and power with each other.

Jesus is Us. We are a virtual connection of His Spirit among us all.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

In Our Dreams... Jesus teaches us

by Geffry Fields

Jesus is our Teacher.

He said He would teach us directly.
“No man needs to teach you... Jesus will be the one personally, directly teaching everyone.”
(The Prophet Jeremiah said this and Jesus himself said it in the Gospel of John.)

Think about this... it happens through our dreams.

In our dreams we touch heaven.
Is this possible that Jesus himself will directly and personally teach each one of us.

Think of the amazing possibilities.
Think of the impact we would have on each other with what we learned directly from Jesus Spirit working independently in each of us, but for all of us to hear.

I woke up this morning thinking about my dreams while sleeping. It dawned on me how a whole other world goes on when we sleep. It doesn't always make much sense. But we have another existence in addition to what we see when awake.

Then I thought of as a child while playing and doing things, how I daydreamed about all kinds of things.

Our existence is only limited by our imaginations. Our times of playing and dreaming are our reality for what’s coming, but also what exists now… in our dreams.

You see Spirit IS… was… and will always be. What exists in your Spirit Dreams is "on its way" to becoming an existing reality in your life. Spirit is reality.

When Jesus went up to mountain and we visited with Moses and Elijah. He took three of His guys with Him and they saw Moses and Elijah talking to Jesus. Now Moses and Elijah had already left earth. Interestingly, Moses saw God and was given the ten commandments; and Elijah never died but was transferred up to heaven like Jesus was.

The Apostle Paul said we are to keep our minds on Heavenly things... our Spiritual imaginations.

I was wondering why?

Then it dawned on me... this is a key place where Jesus teaches each of us. When we ponder and meditate, are in the sleepy state, not quite awake, not quite asleep, we hear the whispers of God then.

Dreaming is going into the heavenlies... when in this mentally removed-from-earth state you begin

to get ideas,
see possibilities,
become as a child
and the very Spirit of Jesus will impress, guide, teach you. This is so critical to hearing directly from God and being able to rely on the Spirit of Jesus and not men.

A young lady told me recently that in her Spiritual life she likes to hear directly from the Spirit. The friends she has at her age she said love to get together, have community as they say, read a book of someone who wrote about God, and drink coffee. She went on to say, why don’t we just go directly to God, His Spirit, and listen directly to Him. Moses did. Elijah did. And so did Jesus. He told us we can hear from Him through His Spirit directly.

This is just so amazing… our privilege, ability to hear, see, sense, actually spend time in the Heavenlies while on earth. In the Gospel of Matthew, the phrase the Kingdom of Heaven is used 30 times. Jesus said when we pray ask that the Kingdom of Heaven be on earth as it is in heaven.

Do your realize the implications here?

In our dreams
... in our day dreams... in times of pondering, meditating... in our half awake sleepy state, we literally are entering Heaven. We literally have a time of Jesus personally and directly teaching us. When we view these times, note them, keep journals of our thoughts from them, and ponder them, we are receiving Spiritual Intelligence... the same as Jesus got when He went up the mountain and was seen with Moses and Elijah.

Now… this is incredible!

You enter Heavenly places,

have direct instruction,
get new inspired ideas,
creative thoughts
and live with the Spirit of Jesus.
Jesus in you interacts with you and very personally teaches you. Jesus Spirit is connected to everything and you are connected to everything and Spiritual Intelligence becomes part of you. The Power, Love, Peace, freedom of emotions are released.

And all of Spirit connected to everything is working with you. You have super-awesome, indescribable sense of fulfillment in your inner self with the confidence, very deep inside you, to accomplish whatever you dreamed and heard and saw directly from Jesus.

Enter into the dreams from the Heavenlies… Jesus visits and teaches you.

One note: Heavenly thoughts may seem new and different. You may need to “unlearn” old ways of thinking, old ideas, old traditions of your culture, friends and organizations. Let all things become New ! … as Jesus teaches you.

Friday, June 03, 2005

In Meditation... Jesus Spirit Blossoms

by Geffry Fields

It comes in a whisper.

When we are very quiet we can hear. The creative powers of God and the universe emerge through a whisper. One of the hardest skills is developing this skill. Jesus went off to be alone and in those times He came back down from the mountain performing great acts the next day.

The Spirit is creative, directive and insightful...

IT shows us what to do, brings peace as we consider it and we see great results after we go ahead and do it.

Entrepreneurs are known to come up with ingenious ideas and then they find equally ingenious ways to get it done.
Most rely on the meditative experience that brings the ideas, actions, direction to resources, what to do and say... all these come to mind, when in this meditative state.

How do we get there?
I have seen the Scriptures in the Bible as one source that stimulates this. It takes time to ponder on them, allow the thoughts and ideas to naturally flow from them. It is putting all others things out of the mind and just letting it happen.

In the Bible, it is noted that Elijah heard God speak to him in a whisper.
It was not in the wind, the earthquake, the fire, but in the whisper. This experience has a mind of its own. It will bring to you, what it wants to bring to you, when it wants to do it. The great thing is the relaxing process which is refreshing in itself. Our intellect wants to put out great effort, but to use our Spiritual Intelligence it takes quiet, peaceful pondering.

It also builds faith.
When we read a promise, outstanding event in the Bible or Inspired book, as we reflect on this really happening through the very Spirit of God, it begins to weave into our mental channels. We convince ourselves it is true and possible. We walk away then with this belief engraved in our minds, heart and soul. It can be one phrase as "any thing is possible to the person that believes;" or "I can do all things through Jesus who lives in Me and He has created everything I now see so I can do it as well."

During times of extended quiet and pondering there is great power soaking into the brain, the soul... the Spirit begins communicating this to its unlimited connection of sources. We become more and more like the Spirit of the universe within us... as Jesus was and is wanting to be in us. As we become more and more one as Jesus is, we naturally take on all of His Spirit's characteristics, life, being of who He is, now in us. This is power and love constantly growing and increasing in us.

Meditation is a very power part of our existence. It is a time each must take to find answers and the power expression to accomplish great things or overcome insurmountable obstacles, as they may believe are in their lives.

This is extremely powerful, although for you to really know this you must do some experimentation with it. I would love to hear what some have done and what has happened. How they did it and what took place.. a personal play by play.

It must be cultivated... worked on over time... like any skill. And you can make it a personal skill and then see the benefits of its skill's mastery bring incredible things into your existence. As a child we naturally do this, but as we add years on our lives, responsibilities of the lives we live in, it becomes harder. Because the time to imagine, to play in our minds, dream, pretend(which fuel it) become less and less part of our natural life patterns.

Dr. A had a pattern He followed which he credits for the very Spirit of Jesus to walk with him.

This process practiced by Dr. A on a daily basis built exceptional faith in his own life; he saw exceptional results start to emerge. This is how I met him. He prayed, pondered, believed someone who would live beyond his years would come to him who he could teach to carry this on to the next and following generations. I realized how the Spirit created all this, caused it to happen, manufactured the whole process. His Spirit power literally
drew me to him.

Building faith; building results (Dr. A's personal practice)

1. Each morning memorize from the Bible a phrase that builds up faith in your Spirit.

It may be something like, "not all things are possible with man, but All things are possible with God." And we know the very Spirit of God is also the very Spirit of Jesus. Jesus lives in us so all things are possible; what we see created by God is within our realm. We think on this and we start sensing, within our soul, that all circumstances around are negotiable.

We can go into the very Spirit of Jesus and, in our soul's vision, transform the circumstances to be favorable to what is on our hearts.
Great power, confidence, faith builds and the sense of invincible power slowly begins to emerge. What is bad around us, we don't need to accept or take any more. What is a dream of greatness in the world we can believe it will, can, and we can be part of it happening. As we meditate on this, remember this key phrase of faith, it begins to become more and more of us.

2. Pray aloud, say aloud, affirm aloud, the specific thing you expect or specifically request from your heart.

Hearing ourselves say it also convinces our conscious and it is buried within our subconscious mind. It also creates a Spiritual manifestation. The Scriptures say that God spoke and the world happened. Our very speaking puts Spiritual power into motion beyond our understanding of what is going on.

3. Expect guidance for the fulfillment of the requests for the day.

In everything you do, everywhere you go, keep on the lookout for unexpected answers coming your way. You don't know what encounter may be... The Spirit's way to lead you to the answer. Listen to the whisper coming from the deep part of your mind as it guides you. The Spirit speaks in this Whisper. It is the very Power of Spirit directing you.

4. Plan, write the faith act of the day: include time, place, person, etc. which applies.

Why do we sign contracts? What we put in writing, especially in our own handwriting, or signed by our hand, is making a contract with ourselves, our mind and the Spirit of Jesus. We are agreeing with His ability to help us carry it out. Many times you will be impressed to do a certain thing. Don't ignore this, carry it out, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Or how bold it may seem.

The Spirit of Jesus moves ahead of you and the way is being paved for it to happen for you. Move on these impressions, take action, write in a notebook what you feel to do, when you will do it and keep a record of what happened when you did. It may not always turn our as expected, but it has evidence within the action of what to do next. Sometimes it is a process. We learn from each step what to do next.

5. Share with another your faith Word. Say with conviction and feeling that you believe it is true and will have an impact. Team up for taking joint and united action (two or three is considerably more powerful than just one). Pray together if possible and join hands as you prayer.

When we tell others with conviction what we do, it not only inspires them, but it creates a deeper well of belief in you. There is power when you get together with friends and talk each other up, talk each other's ideas up, and become each other's cheerleaders. Groups say this type of interaction keeps everyone motivated and moving ahead to reach lofty goals. In Spirit, it keeps adding fuel to the fire of the Spirit to work intensely for you.

6. Act. Do as guided. Act. Do your part... Spirit will more than do His Part.

Taking actions as you feel like you should, even if seemingly insignificant to you, keeps the Spirit in motion working for you. The Faith concept is based on proceeding onward and demonstrating belief through action. Take action of any kind, but as you feel led to by the whisper of Spirit in you, keep taking action. Through your action, you will see other doors open, and maybe not directly through your action. So don't be discouraged if a direct response is not seen, it is based on faith and it will bring some result to you from somewhere. You don't need to know exactly what, but that it will.

7. Let Love be the Power putting faith into achievement.

Above all, maintain the Spirit of Love as Jesus demonstrated on earth. The Bible says that the prophet Elisha was moved to actions by his compassion for the people in the circumstances they encountered. Love is what drives the Spirit of Jesus in you to work exponentially beyond you. Love puts a super-energizer into what fuels your life activity.

8. Hold Jesus in worship, praise and thanksgiving.

Always express gratitude He is with you in all your actions. A grateful heart is expressed through you in your attitude. You show a spirit of humility to others and others will want to help you. When you are grateful in your heart and express it continually to Jesus in you, others will sense you have a grateful attitude and will want to do more on your behalf and stay by your side no matter what.

9. Testify to a friend about your progress.

Testify is an interesting word. It is sharing with a heart and voice of victory that things are working out as you desire. It is a positive expression of your faith, which builds your faith and the other person in having faith with you.


This whole process is about doing it. Try it for 30 days and see what happens. This was a life long process for Dr. A, a very outstanding man of God.

It’s about faith. You don’t need to know how. Just reflect, ponder, use faith building phrases. Believe like a child would. Jesus will personally guide you in your thoughts, ideas and heart of inspiration.

Listen to the whispers of Jesus talking to you in Spirit.

Follow through on the simple things.

DO what you feel guided to do.

Again… try it… do it… and see what begins to happen.

This is very powerful in mobilizing Spirit activity to a supernatural level in your life.