Friday, August 26, 2005

Spirit of Time

By Geffry Fields

Spirit has its time based on its own ways.

We have our way of using time, and opinions on time.
Spirit has its ways which are uniquely Spirit.
Spirit’s ways are above human ability to understand, and create.
It’s the way of Spirit.
We cannot grasp it humanly…
It must be grasped in Spirit.

Here are some ways of Spirit on time.

Everything has a time.
When we sense or are directed to do, something it has its time. Not all ideas or actions are for now, some have an appointed time in the future, a right time. It will have a time and we must be patient on "when is the time" for something.

As we see a vision, are in a mission, desire a result;
it will come in Spirit’s time.

Got to give things time.
Some things are seeds and it takes time for them to grow.

In the meantime we got to plan, cultivate, develop and provide ways to nourish the seeds we plant. So during this time be diligent to nurture what you want to grow. There will be a time for it to bloom.

Stay in time.
There is a rhythm in Spirit. Get in stride with that rhythm

and flow in the timing of the rhythm.

It's getting in the flow and staying in the flow. All comes along without stress during the time it is developing…as we flow in Spirit, in its rhythm.

Spend time in Spirit Thoughts and Expression.
All things are created by Spirit... when in Spirit.

So one must give dedicated, focused, concentrated time for this.

This is one of the hardest to do as it seems we have so little time in life to devote extended, uninterrupted time in Spirit.

When in Spirit ... what we see, dream and visualize... begins forming into reality during those times. Just think, what we see, dream and visualize, in Spirit that very moment...
Spirit is starting the actualizing process. The process for it becoming a reality is beginning right at that exact time.
What we see… is beginning to form right then.

Faith builds, Jesus Spirit becomes more of us and
Great Results of Supernatural levels begin forming.

Spirit is always on time.
Spirit creates what it creates
for us at just the right time and just on time.

Faith is required, so we do not panic, and
we can expect Spirit produced results on time.

Spirit has its own concept of time. IT may not be the same as ours. It would suit us all well to recognize the time of Spirit and how it works. It has a “mind” of its own, not at all like a human mind. Spirit has its own intelligence and power we can only tap through Spirit. So we need to develop skills to work in concert with Spirit within its time.

We don't know the exact time of Spirit so diligence and steadiness are so important. The most important is spending time in Spirit to sense the timing of Spirit.

Dr. A pointed out a key factor for all of Spirit to be expressed in and through us is about "Tarrying".... spending unhurried time in Spirit and we will see great results from that time in Jesus
(The dictionary defines tarry as…to remain, wait or stay temporarily, as in a place.)

Great Miracle-Gifted people commonly spend 4 or 5 hours a day in prayer, meditation, Scripture reflection... dreaming while in the Jesus Spirit. Spirit covers ground expansively across the whole universe and into every finite crack and crevice of the world.

Spirit is macro...massively covering everything,
and micro... within the most elaborate detail.

The more time we can give in meditation, prayer and highly focused on Spirit giving results,
the more we communicate within Jesus Spirit

allowing Jesus Spirit to speak to us.

The more we allow Spirit to mold us and create replicas of Jesus,
the more Spirit Power goes out and creates
what we think on, meditate on... while in Jesus Spirit.

Stay in time with Spirit.

Supernatural will become
a natural part of your existence.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Self Examine... then commit

By Geffry Fields

Practice self-examination
then commit to another person to share your observations.

Let Jesus Spirit shine light on your most inner nature and trust that more than other people's comments. Tell others what you have observed about yourself and express to them your commitment to get better in these areas.

Saying it or emailing it to someone impels our subconscious to make a contract with ourselves that we are committed to Spiritual growth and excellence.

Self examination is a very strong way to grow spiritually. When we take time to look at our own life, and see what we are doing right... consistent with Jesus Spirit... and what we are doing in rhythm with Spirit, it helps us develop Spiritually. When we see things out of rhythm with Jesus Spirit we need to correct it militantly. We literally declare war on the imperfection we see and destroy it. If we let it go, it will develop, become a strong power in us and even destroy us.

The way to destroy harmful spiritual qualities is to not attack them directly, but focus on the opposite of it and develop the opposite good quality.

The whole key to spiritual growth is truth....
to be honest with our selves and make life-transforming changes.

Businesses commonly conduct employee evaluations. Someone points out what we need to do better, then we work to make these changes. Some make changes. But our human nature is to rebel against this. We may act like we are doing things or acting different, but in most cases this is only a surface change (only to pacify the other person).

It is more effective to point someone a positive direction versus telling them what they are doing wrong. Get them to commit to the right way and the wrong is taken care of in the process. It also keeps the other person's own self value in place, and motivates them more to positive action.

I you feel someone needs to fix something in their lives, use prayer as a way to help them. Visualize with Spirit the image Jesus Spirit would have for them and affirm that in your prayers...ask God to make them that way. See the same greatness in them that God sees in them, as He ideally created them to be.

Let Jesus Spirit do the changing He wants... Allow them to apply self-examination. Then when they voice their personal findings from self-examining, reflecting about their lives, as Jesus Spirit shows them, be their cheerleader to become what they want to be.

We only change what we discover and we choose to change.
...on our own initiative.

Jesus recommended we take time to examine ourselves. Look at our hearts and let Jesus Spirit assist in changing our hearts. In our meditations and prayers, as we see things we want to do differently which more closely reflect what Jesus Spirit is, we begin the process to make that become who we are.

It is good to compare what is working and what isn't.
What is in line with Jesus Spirit and what isn't.
It's not so much about being punished for being out of line as it is about finding happiness, love, joy and being effective. When we are out of sync with the Universe of Spirit, Jesus Spirit, we are out of whack mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Just out of sync with all around us.

Take time to examine yourself, let the light of His Spirit search and show you what needs changed. See what you are doing right. Continue to do more of what helps you do right and change that which is out of whack with Jesus Spirit… Universal System of Spirit.

Then share with another what you are seeing, what you want to change as Jesus Light of Spirit shows you.

Tell a close friend your observations. The ground rule is you do not judge, criticize, condemn when someone shares a desire to change.

As a friend/mate/work associate be understanding, a prayer support, a cheerleader... to love, heal and be compassionate.

Judging others takes out of others their power to change. On the contrary, spending time on examining ones self and being a support to others brings positive change to live, consistently, in Spirit. It stirs up the very Power of Jesus Spirit to work with you.

Focus on fixing yourselve and not fixing others. We will see enough we need to work on in ourselves to keep us busy.

Then everyone will get better and we will see the Power of Spirit emerge in all we do.

The Scriptures makes a reference to come clean with our shortcomings we keep secret. That we should own up to them and share them with others... proving that we really are serious about doing something about them.

If we keep our shortcomings to ourselves, we can constantly get away with not changing things that, in the long term, keep us from getting all we really would like from Jesus Spirit with us.

Be willing to share our shortcomings with someone you can trust. Then someone who shows love, understanding, compassion will help us grow deeper into Jesus Spirit making us much more effective where we want to be.

Now you have encouragement to help you with the problem, shortcoming, limitation.
...Now it is not yours to handle all alone.

There is power in this kind of support as it strengthens all involved.

Again, our place is to love, heal wounds, be a comfort, give compassion and be understanding.

Pray God's best into others,
speak God's best to them
and we all will be the driving force for each other
to Spiritual Greatness.

When you do that, you literally speak a blessing into someone’s life.
You give them the Spiritual boost they need to pump up Jesus Spirit in their lives.

This is a powerful concept for building the tight-knit groups of Supernatural Greatness.
All groups function better
when someone's voice of concern about one’s own life
is strengthened by others around them.

It eliminates the natural tendency for rebellion provoked when others point out our faults. Causing Spiritual power to diminish.

Self examination, committing to others our desire for getting better and seeking assistance for change to a new, stronger person builds the Jesus is Us power cell.

It's a Power-way to group strength, growth and for the Supernatural to prevail in all our relationships.

Being vulnerable in Spirit to each other as a Jesus Spirit Group
builds the Spiritual strength

to make Jesus is Us Supernaturally Great.

Supernatural Gifts exceed natural birth talents

By Geffry Fields

When people work as units their gifts begin to surface.

The first level is in the they are born with, the ones that come to the surface throughout one's life time.

The second level are the Spiritual Gifts. Those that emerge in Jesus is Us meetings when all are One with Spirit, One with each other and the Same Mind. Spiritual gifts are truly “gifts” and given from Jesus Spirit in response to the need of each group and for the need that each group is desiring to meet.

Talent Birth Gifts

Today's world is recognizing that discovering natural talent is important as it affects people's contribution and motivation they have on a job/activity. Much research has been done the last decade to help business, groups and organizations learn what these are and help people discover their birth-gifts and put them to use.

One study by Gallup Poll came up with 24 talent strengths people may have. In a book, Now, Discover Your Strengths, they provide a way to find these through an internet talent discovery test, but also outlined in the book are ways to find them in our lives.

They identified the following areas to look at:

Spontaneous, top of the mind reactions
When faced with any situation, of urgency or problem to solve, we have a natural tendency to respond in a certain way. If one takes a minute and looks at how they are thinking (think about your thinking) you will see characteristics about yourself, and how you go about solving or responding to things… things you intuitively start doing.

These fly through your mind immediately, in any given situation, and they may be an indicator of talents you have.

What you yearn for, really would like to be part of your life is another gauge to use. This may be a passionate interest, desire and something you feel strongly to do. Mozart had a yearning for music; Grandma Moses always wanted to paint and late in her life she did; Mother Teresa had exceptional compassion for mankind and wanted to help the struggling ones in life.

All these had a strong internal drive, a yearning, for what they did... which yielded a rare talent.

Rapid Learning
What comes easily may be traces of talent. When you notice others may struggle with something, this may come easy and natural for you. This may be a talent quality you have. When you take a course you grasp the information quickly, it may reveal a true underlining talent.

When ever you do something and it gives you a great amount of satisfaction, it my be a natural talent indicator. Note what you really enjoy doing that gives you a great amount of fulfillment doing it.

For me it may be reading information and sharing with others; my son would like remodeling a bathroom; my mother loves to bake pies and give them to neighbors. These are possible indicators of inherent natural talents a person has… teacher, craftsman, server.

All these are natural birth talents which everyone has. We are now just recognizing the importance of knowing these and getting people involved in their strengths...birth talents. This adds the most to being effective, motivated and making one's best contribution in what we do. When we force people out of these, research has shown people perform poorly, are unhappy, lose hope, and may even be led to self-defeating behaviors.

These are powerful findings in research for making a contribution to life, staying motivated and happy all the time.

Spiritual Gifts
There are Gifts of a level higher, greater, and move advanced than our birth talents. If our natural talents were discovered in each person and then we each add Spiritual Gifts, we would function at Supernatural Levels... if I may be bold enough to say... beyond anything we have ever seen in a society yet.

These gifts show up when the group practices, and has the methods and qualities working in their lives which were discussed in these previous articles....
A Powerful Body in Action... Dr. A's Passion
Matrix of Jesus Spirit Power
Great Groups in Jesus Spirit
When Same Minds Meet...Triggers the Spectacular
Practical Side of Living Jesus Spirit
Magnitude of Being One...

The nucleus of power is intertwined through
One with Spirit
One with each other
One in the Same Mind

Relationship is key...
Loving each other.

Dr. A continued to emphasize "the importance of sacrificial love. It is the cement that unites and holds together the unity so needed." This ignites the fire of Jesus Spirit which manifests Spiritual Gifts through individuals in a group.

"But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love has been brought to full expression through us." (John the Apostle)

Through love to each other, ALL the Indefinable Powers of creation are part of our every day life. Spiritual Gifts are of a Supernatural level, for a purpose with the group, and to provide what is needed supernaturally which the natural talents may fall short in accomplishing.

This is such a power punch we have not included in meetings we have in a business, organizations or any size group.

Our civilization, especially in the United States, has been slacking in our investigations of this and trying out the compelling possibilities it has as a functional apparatus of our lives.

It is available to us.

"We have all these abilities and can perform all of these tasks. But without love, you and I are nothing and profit nothing from any of them." (Dr. A)

The first missing ingredient in all we do is Love. When self interest is the underlining motivation of group members, the power of love is quenched. When love abounds, power, harmony, effectiveness abounds….Spiritual Gifts begin to spring up.

Supernatural Gifts of Jesus Spirit

Here are a few gifts that Spirit gives regardless of intelligence, age, education, position....

Spirit transforms our being to perform Supernaturally… with a group as small as 2, 3, 4….

We may see different ones display above-human abilities. The Spirit will go above and beyond natural talents we have, and those some have discovered early in life and developed into skills they presently use.

In a meeting, when each has committed to a Jesus Spirit life, these can be manifested through individuals in the group. It may come from unlikely sources but be a dramatic display of Supernatural ability… not seen in that person before.

Gifts of Spirit… produced Supernaturally through Jesus Spirit

Wise Advice
This is a thought, idea that has great depths in wisdom in that it solves a problem both short-term and long-term and relationships are built up and each person saves face.

Jesus, in handling the cynical religious leaders of his day, was very gifted with Divine Wisdom. He was so clever He constantly baffled them. This was wisdom beyond human wisdom.

Special Knowledge
Sometimes knowing something out of the clear blue pops into one's mind. Jesus knew all about a lady’s life …her life, history and the way she lived… when he first met her and no one telling him.
It was a Spiritual Intelligence report from Spirit only.

With this gift the person just knows information, through supernatural awareness. This may sound extreme and too remarkable, but those who have Spiritual Gifts expressed through them have experienced this.

Some have great faith and without seeing the evidence of a potential result will just believe, without the least doubt, that it will happen. This person sees great miracles happen around him and transformations in lives where they project this faith.

Once Jesus was asleep in a boat during a storm. He had great faith that the storm would not take his life so He was sound asleep, although his followers were scared out of their wits. He had great faith. He told the storm to stop…and it did.

Get a handle on this scenario… as Jesus is Us we have power over nature’s events.

This is Great, Supernatural faith… We can have it too!

When on earth, Jesus was reported to have healed many people. We can have the same privilege, and those who the Spirit gives the gift of healing will do this. Again, these are gifts and the Spirit will choose the ones who enact it.

Be open again to unlikely sources who many have this gift. It may not be the most distinguished one in a group.

Performing Miracles
In a group, the chances of seeing miracles happen around you increase dramatically. It was said Jesus performed many miracles and now as Jesus Is Us we can see the same through us, especially as united, believing groups.

This can be for couples in marriage, business teams, mission groups.... whatever the mission or venture, miracles can be the common activity of groups united, One in Jesus Spirit and following the pattern of lifestyle Jesus taught. It's knowing His teaching, living consistently with His teaching, and allowing the Jesus Spirit to totally swallow you up, engulf your whole makeup.

When we hold nothing back from Him, He will bring all of Him to us. This again is so related to our loving, generous, compassionate heart to those around us. The more we love, help and care for each other, and love sacrificially, the more we will see miracles of all kinds be products of our groups...of 2, 3, 4 or more.

Knowing the Difference between True Spirit and False spirit.
Some people can perform magic, but not have the true Spirit of Jesus in their lives. So a person must watch not to be misled to think everyone who does impressive things is of the Jesus Spirit.

Look at their attitudes.
The Spirit of God is humble, kind, and gentle and looks out for the other more than one’s self. When you see an ego, harsh expressions, events that center around that person and his/her agenda, it is evidence to beware.

The Spirit within you will let you know whether this is a Spirit of Jesus or a diabolical, selfish spirit to impress and demonstrate personal power. Jesus Spirit desires to make one's self less important and build up the importance of others.

This day and age one needs to watch this very closely. It is very tricky and even the most mature true follower of Jesus, can be misled, for a while. Jesus knew when the religious leaders were out to trick him. He treated them very wisely and shrewdly. This was a gift Jesus, when on earth, had to employ a lot. But His times in God's Spirit gave Him this ability... we can have too.

Hearing Directly from God
Jesus Spirit speaks to everyone. Even Paul the Apostle said that we all should be able to hear directly from God. That love and hearing from Spirit was the higher goals.

When we come to meet with others, we should always have a sense of what Spirit is saying to us today... and share that. We all should be collecting these thoughts from everyone throughout the day, from everyone we meet... especially those we see as least important in life.

Dr. A believed this strongly...that some of the most profound moments of Spirit Speaking to us came from the most unimportant around us, least likely or least suspecting person. So don't over look every run into of the day. Keep your heart and Spirit open.

I know when visiting Dr. A he would ask when I walked in his office "what is God saying to you today." It wasn't a protocol greeting on his part. He believed Spirit was always speaking to everyone. He didn’t want to miss what Spirit was saying through anyone.

To hear from Spirit, we need to hear from everyone we meet. And not over look anyone.

Some times we rely on a person or two be God’s Spokesperson for us in our lives… someone we think is right next to God. Spirit may use this person, but so many times Jesus Spirit will speak to us through the least ones, least important in the world. They may have the Best of what God has to say to us at that time.

It may not be in a special meeting, but, if we really listen and pay attention, it will happen whenever we meet anyone, anywhere, for any reason.

All in all, when we meet with others we should make this a top priority. Listen to everyone.

First get information from Jesus Spirit through everyone attending, then as a group, sort it out.

All voices compiled create One Power Voice, Jesus Voice, talking directly to us.

Leave one voice out of the discussion and the Best of Jesus is left out as well. Consider all people, all thoughts and all parts make Jesus Voice complete.

Predictive Intelligence
is the other gift coming out of the Supernatural array of Gifts.

This person gets a read on what will happen and literally can predict, foretell, future events. These people are sometimes called prophets as they hear from Jesus Spirit on what will happen, so we can direct our activities accordingly.

It takes a lot of integrity for this Gift. A person has to be proven to be a very trustworthy person, humble, not self centered, also having exceptional wisdom.

This is so powerful… just to think when we make decisions, with Divine direction in our court, we can overcome overpowering odds and make great strides. And the only explanation we will have is… this is miraculous…of the Supernatural.

Jesus said He would tell us what is to come. He also forecast all that would happen and He proved His own Divinity by pointing out that the prophets of the Old Testament predicted His arrival on earth and what would happen to Him.

This is so incredible that we all, as the Great Apostle Paul suggested, should have this Gift.

To everyone, it is accessible.
It can be part of our everyday… normal life.

When we seek Jesus Spirit Will with all our heart, with extensive personal and diligent effort, we will receive this Special Spiritual Gift. These are all available to those in Jesus Spirit...when One in Spirit, with each other and of the same mind.

When love abounds, generosity is rampant, kindness prevails..miracles can be the every day part of our lives.

Remember, for Spiritual power, small is better. The Power comes out of close knit relationships. Although when big groups meet, and the same Spirit is not among them all, it slows this down and Power is drastically diminished. It is not the number present, but the unity of Spirit that is most important. A few can accomplish as much as 20,000 when there is unity of Spirit...
One with Spirit,
One with each other,
and of the Same Spiritual Mind.

Above everything else, each is encouraged to share what they are hearing from Jesus Spirit, the Spirit of God in them. Each should have a place to share what that is.

We should share what Infinite Knowledge, Wisdom, Insight and Power is saying to each person.

When we hear from everyone, we hear from the Most High Spirit of God Himself. It is the Spirit Voice profoundly talking to, directing, and empowering us.

The miraculous and Supernatural Gifts are all accessible
to every group who lives in Jesus Spirit as
Jesus is Us.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Powerful Body in Action... Dr. A's Passion

by Dale Shumaker

My tribute to Dr. A and his passion for the Body of Christ.

I never knew why they, his denomination, denied publication of his book...the Body of Christ. It was his life’s most passionate work. He felt rejected by his own denomination. The question he asked me one day really surprised me.. “Do you think the Presbyterians would have me?”

For Dr. A to say that it must have been a “down” day. I was a member of a Presbyterian church at the time. He and his wife even visited one day with me. Guess he felt much like Jesus, also rejected by his own.

So out of love, a deep respect, and indefinable appreciation, the following is my tribute to Dr. A. Here's some of what He said about the Body of Christ and its significance. (I have used Jesus is Us as my aka for the Body of Christ.)

The following reflects Dr. A’s way of explaining Jesus…who now literally is living among man as a corporate unit. Instead of just one man (Jesus), being God's representation of His Spirit, we as a group are now all Jesus was when on earth. That's why his emphasis on unity and being One... with each other, as with God's Spirit.

I have included extensive excerpts from Dr. A's works on the Body of Christ... and its relationship to Spiritual Power…Spiritually Vibrant, Exhilarating Living.

“The Body of Christ in Action”... as per Dr. A. (Quotes are Dr. A's)

The Apostle Paul in the Bible (note 1 Corinthians 12, 13, 14 in the New Testament) made an analogy between the human body and how Jesus returned to live in us right after He physically died.
Dr. A called it "incarnation"... He lives in us...individually and as a group. We now as a group represent the "Body" of Jesus.

We have all the privileges of Spirit as when the very Spirit of God was in human physical form... Jesus. Jesus was referred to as the Christ... meaning God Himself was in Jesus Body.
Dr. A explains.

"God manifests Himself in the earth today through the Body of Christ."

"Jesus explained that it was expedient that He go away. For greater things were to be done which may not be done with Him being present. He had a plan... the Holy Spirit to form ‘again’... another Body... the Body of Christ as Paul the Apostle calls it. And what was expected of the first ‘Body’ of Jesus is also being expected in part of the Body of Christ Presently Manifested on the earth."

"For this reason, the forming of believers into the Body of Christ.. the bonding, Yes, BONDING of believers... is Absolutely Necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose of God."

Believers totally absorbed into this intertwined group of people form One Group.... Jesus is Us... as a whole. What was the significance of water baptism during Jesus time?

"Water baptism suggests burial... death; death to the sovereignty of the physical nature. This is a powerful lesson for us. When we come to Christ and surrender our lives to Him, we end the sovereignty of the natural man and come under the sovereignty of the Holy Spirit."

"We can see that our baptism into the Body of Christ causes us to be completely oriented to the life of the Spirit and to dedicate ourselves in service to the needs of others. We die to the life of selfishness and come alive with the life of sharing. ...When we die to self, we minister to others. ... All are contingent upon our sensitivity to the needs of believers or humanity at large."

Jesus Spirit now among all believers produces gifts in all believers. And that's what they are ...Gifts, a privilege, not a possession.

"Manifestation of the Holy Spirit are not possessions, they are functions of the Holy Spirit. Often it appears as though the individual has these gifts as his own possession, they are manifestations of the Holy Spirit for the entire Body. ...they are given for the good of all. They are not for the possession and exclusive use of certain individuals."

"There is mutual sharing of need and supply. Whenever the Body of Believers are in that Spirit of unity there is opportunity to
--communicate one specific need to the body of believers
--receive the answer to any specific need."

Dr. A emphasized that when we pray, our first question should be... what is my role in answer to this prayer; helping with this need?

(He believed much was a practical thing. That we all do what we can when we know of a need by someone we pray with, pray for.)

Then, share information, ideas you get in prayer that could help in answer to this prayer.

How should this Body be managed?

"The Body of Christ is the instrument through which God has chosen to reveal Himself and to accomplish His work in the world. And this is under the administration of Christ Himself as the Head of the Body."

"Just as God was revealed and acted through Jesus Christ, His Son, on the earth, so now, He is revealing and acting through Christ's Body, The Church!"

"Note: It is important to observe that a crowd or congregation, even an ecclesia (assembly of people) is not equal to the Body of Christ. It takes more than membership or association. It takes being knit together."

Today the term "church" is a confusing term. Dr. A told me his views on the Body of Church were radical and this makes it radical to today's views of what The Church is. The Church, authentic Church, is the name the Bible gave to those who Believe, Live Out, and were genuinely Connected in Spirit with each other

…not limited to building, location, organizational name, membership or attendance. We do not “go to” church; Believers “Are” The Church!... wherever they are.

“When 2 or more gather in Jesus Name... That’s Church, ” Dr. A emphatically stated one day. And he added this is a radical view. Especially when you compare it to today’s mindsets of what a church is. If we don't communicate out of love and care for each other than out of love, we are not really part of The Church, even though we do the things Dr. A described above.

"It is the Holy Spirit who forms the Body of Christ. It is the Holy Spirit who can bring the Body of Christ into unity and productivity."

Interesting observation is that Paul, the Apostle, who wrote about the Body of Christ, was not a personal disciple of Jesus. He was not personally under the teaching of Jesus while Jesus was alive. He learned what he learned from the other disciples who were with Jesus
and through Spiritual Intelligence, through Spiritual Revelation.
We have the same privilege as Paul.

Dr. A always encouraged me to hear from Spirit directly and
trust the voice of Spirit through my mind...
To be bold, in what I was led by the Spirit Voice to do;
Use the Bible to double check to make sure it was consistent with Spiritual principle;
To follow my heart and not man's voices.

I have learned to read the Scriptures and trust the impressions I get from them. “That’s how God speaks to you, learn to trust that,” Dr. A encouraged me. In this one area Dr. A had the greatest impact on me. I struggled to believe that I could trust these impressions, ideas as from God. I always felt I had to defer these thoughts and find out what God was saying through someone else.

"Don't be ignorant. Know the difference between the Spirit-led life and the life of sensuality. The contemporary lifestyle of our time is more than the problem of sexuality. It is sensuality.

By this we mean that we are under the spell of our self-life and pleasing one's own sensual desires."

"They (Corinthian Believers) had been 'carried away' by... under the spell of ...the cultural patterns which were entirely sense related.

They worshipped dumb idols, material idols.
They had no awareness of the Holy Spirit! The objects of worship were in the material realm or oriented to physical pleasure."

So characteristic of today's society which is materially driven and sensually focused.
One thing which I fear is that high energy praise and worship today may become more a sensual experience than Spirit-led worship in mass meetings. Those who manage such events must be careful of this. It may seem very "spiritual" but only be a "sensual high" we think is Spirit. Then too, some deep meditative exercises may be a pseudo-spiritual state as well.

Each have merit, but to double check ourselves in that they are truly Spirit-led. It is so important that we learn how to follow the genuineness of Jesus Spirit within us and allow that to control us and all we do.

Jesus Spirit should be the regulator for our conscious, Jesus Spirit should be our consciousness and life as directed, controlled and precisely guided by Jesus Spirit... of love, humility and compassion for man around us.
Always remember... Jesus Spirit lives in us.
Jesus is Us!

"Spiritual intelligence, communications, physical needs, material necessities are all provided under the leadership of the Holy Spirit to believers in community... the Christian community."

… the Jesus is Us group.

"Each time the believers are in Spirit of Unity and koinonia (spirit of sharing), each believer looks around him to see whom he may minister to or help with something... and also be open to receive the ministry of the Body of Christ."

"The human body is the analogy which Paul the Apostle used to impress upon the Corinthians how the Holy Spirit will fulfill His ministry. Here are some obvious lessons to be learned:"

1. The believers are precisely and very intricately interconnected like a web. All actions (good and bad) affect all others.... directly or indirectly.

2. Every one of Jesus Spirit has a very unique role and everyone should help each other identify it and encourage them to put it to work. Our role is being "gift spotters" and "gift motivators" based on what Jesus Spirit has put in them and for the purpose Jesus Spirit has for it.

3. When any part of Jesus is Us is hindered and not allowed to use his Spirit Gift, it drastically limits the total effectiveness of the whole group. In Spirit we are all interconnected, so it puts a drag on the whole system. It just pulls everyone else back and pulls the power down.

4. When one member suffers the others should stand ready to be responsive to help.

"Manifestation of the Supernatural for the benefit of the Body is a priority. The world outside becomes a beneficiary of the powers of the Holy Spirit through the Body of Christ. So much depends upon the practice of caring for one another."

"When one suffers, we all suffer." (Paul the Apostle)

"This implies the degree to which each member participates in the need of other members of the Body of Christ... the entire Body. This is also the price of discipleship. So much depends upon the application of this practice."

Each person has a personal mission that needs encouragement.
All parts of Jesus Spirit, Jesus is Us, is necessary. It is necessary for all facets, differences, styles, types to work together.

"Differences, yes! Divisions, no! We may have differences, but no divisions."

We can't over emphasize "the importance of sacrificial love. It is the cement that unites and holds together the unity so needed in the Body of Christ."

"The high priority for each individual in the Body of Christ is to be fully yielded to the Holy Spirit. It is obvious that in our humanity, it is impossible to achieve this quality of love. So, we are locked into total dependence upon the Holy Spirit. The emphasis and practice of waiting for the Spirit must be our first consideration."

No matter what we do, if love for others is not the motivating nucleus of our actions, it basically counts for nothing. As human beings we can't love to the level of Jesus Spirit and His Heart. So we have to allow Jesus Spirit and His Heart to whole-heartedly possess our very human being... heart, mind, soul, and body.

Spirit lives in us… it is imperative we allow it to do what it does best.... allow it to take its loving control to a life of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and compassion.

There is a power in Spirit we’re not experiencing, and we can!

May we all work as a unit to re-claim what has been lost since Jesus time on earth. And may we set our goals to exceed Jesus Example.

“You will do even greater things.” (Jesus)

Dr. A desired anonymity as this writer also does. He wanted himself out of the picture as he was just one person, one small part of this Body, I call Jesus is Us. I desire the same. It is about Jesus is Us… not me.

As an insignificant person, I was surprised by the significant attention he gave me. This is my tribute to Dr. A.

So Dr. A., this is Dale saying thank you
... and it is again on its way!

I hope someone takes this attempt to share a view of Jesus we both knew, and wanted to be like and share, without fanfare, recognition, wealth or fame...and share it with one another.

The work we set out to do will be passed on, one at a time. and in time, many may know. But hopefully, many will begin to live in the vision we both saw for mankind.

May I do my part to see it comes about. And if I share in rejection as you, I count it a privilege to work for what is right and what is Jesus’ Heart as we saw in our hearts and Spirit.

We knew each other’s hearts; we saw the same things.
We were different, but one in vision.
It’s now time for me to take what I have learned from you
and press on.

To pick up from where you stopped and continue on. And pass on what I know. Maybe all this will grow and we’ll see Spirit in Power blossom again.…which was your Passion and mine as well.

You are with Jesus in Spirit now, the one you loved so much.
I am still on earth. I miss you.

As you often said “Chambers really hit me today.”
Today, Chambers really hit me.

"It is not wrong for you to depend on your 'Elijah' for as long as God gives him to you. But remember that the time will come when he must leave and will no longer be your guide and your leader, because God does not intend for him to stay. Even the thought of that causes you to say, 'I cannot continue without my ’Elijah.’ '
Yet God says you must continue."
(My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers, August 11)

Dr. A,
you were my Elijah,
...and I will continue!
Love ya Man! and Thanks so Much!

A committed friend …for our mutual friend, Jesus.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Matrix of Jesus Spirit Power

By Geffry Fields

A Spiritual Matrix Power grid reaches deep into Jesus Spirit.

Is it possible as human beings to enter Spirit to the level Jesus did when He went off alone to pray?

On one occasion, as witnessed by His followers, Jesus was transfigured.... became like bright light and had a celestial countenance. The next day all sorts of incredible things happened. With Jesus is Us, we become like a matrix power grid and all the sophisticated interchange of Spiritual interaction, exceptional Spiritual power is released… through our closely, bonded relationships.

One in Spirit
One with each other

What does this look like?

Jesus is Us functions much like a matrix. In the body we have cellular masses that are clusters of cells which move around. They are connected to other cellular masses. They can be
very mobile and communicate in rapid, sophisticated ways. These cells, which form masses have a function and prescribed activity. The significance is their ability to communicate, interconnect and their harmonious relationships. They adjust quickly to changes around them.

One cellular mass may have 10 or 12 components with each component having several cells each. Each mass, not only interacts within itself, but also among other masses in a precise, quick, responsive way. They operate much like a matrix. Webster’s Dictionary calls a array of circuit elements for performing a specific function.

These circuits connect and interrelate for enhancing a functional performance and for overcoming deficiencies around them.

The Jesus is Us network is similar to this combination of cellular mass within a matrix configuration. This is very powerful system... it figures things out quickly and responds with exceptional precision and power.
When groups of 2, 3, 4 create intimate relationship bonds with each other and they connect with other similar cells, they can move and flex to adjust to what is around them. This system is being learned in business systems and caused-based ventures.

Stay small, connect with complementary networks and remain flexible to adjust to varying circumstances. This is the whole concept behind Jesus is Us. Jesus was laying the ground work
for this system to be used in Spiritual growth, relationship and social fulfillment, mission advances and business communities. He was laying out a blueprint for a utopian community and civilization… the ideal design for all He made.

It is used in the human body and technology power grids, matrixes.

Tremendous power is produced by matrix systems. Tremendous power, above average from a human standpoint, is produced when Jesus is Us Groups use the same molecular, cellular, matrix structures.

Small, tightly bonded, interconnecting, quick communication through the matrix network, with intense mounting of power. Everything Spirit created is consistent with other elements of nature,
science, physics, biology, etc.. Similar systems are used throughout.

The Jesus is Us Spiritual model is based consistently with everything else Spirit made in the first place. There are no secrets in the universe. Spirit power is based on tight, close knit, bonding relationships who as a whole move unified toward common objectives… precisionly orchestrated through a central intelligence, universal power source.

Think about this. This is can create super-power. It’s foundational to creating superior Spiritual power.

How do we find this inner power of Jesus Spirit.

Here's a way to rediscover the art of meditation that will take you into the very inner chamber of Jesus Spirit core of power, knowledge and fulfillment. It has to be done by process... applying the relationship system outlined in Great Groups in Jesus Spirit

Each person in the group make a commitment to practice for a week a mediation (quiet time, Spiritual reflection, a disciplined concentration into Spirit) that will take you into a total focus into Spirit. Each may have their own method… that is okay and good for this process. Don’t dictate to the each other what to do, each base it on what they know, have learned, have researched
or have experienced so far.

Several examples on having a powerful devotional time have been previously outlined. Use the one, or combination, that fits you the best.

The key is to choose something and start.

Every day faithfully practice it... for an hour, two or three times a day. (For starters, 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night would be great.) Note what you did each day, what you might have changed or done differently, and what was happening as you did it. Then when you meet again (in person, by phone, instant message chat), ideally once a week, share your experiences and what you did.

From all of the ideas, modify your personal method and do it again for another week. Feel free to adjust as you wish and try things differently.

Keep doing this... put it to work,
record what is happening,
and share with your group weekly.

Do this over and over again. In several weeks you will start to find a groove that is working, taking you deeper into Jesus Spirit, the very Inner Chamber of God's Spirit. You will see your private times of meditation beginning to have similarities to Jesus experiences just as when Jesus was off alone in the mountain. This process may take several months.

The main elements are doing it, recording, sharing, adjusting your methods, adjusting attitudes, and doing it steadily, consistently, over time.

The process itself will teach you. As Andrew Murray says... Jesus Spirit Himself will teach you. Your personal mentor will be Spirit itself. As you share with your group and help each other understand what might be happening, Jesus Spirit will teach through the group.

As you do this, more harmony will flow in the group, bonds will increase, purpose will surface and the reasons for having Spirit power will emerge to be more clear. Resources to use during this time are a special Spirit-inducing place... faith-building thoughts from the Bible, Spiritual books, Spiritually invigorating music, and a notebook/laptop to record ideas that pop into your head as you do this.

Then, as your group (just 2, 3, 4 … small is better) connects with other groups doing the same thing, you will see the cross sharing of information. Then groups will connect with other groups which begin the forming of a matrix connection. This connection can grow infinitely and, with each small cell tightly bonded, it has great, unbreakable strength within the matrix.
(These groups could be a business management team, network of business owners, a women’s professional group, and of course, a Jesus is Us Spiritual commitment group… actually they all are Jesus is Us commitment groups but serving various purposes and functions.)

Stay small and weave with others to form a web of interconnections
Spiritually and practically supporting each other.
Direction on what to do next will come out of each meeting.

You will need to trust the process and the fact Jesus Spirit is there personally with you to guide you… with Spiritual and Predictive Intelligence at work for you.

Over time, a mission, Divine purpose, functions will grow out of this. Gifts will blossom and Spiritual Power will begin manifesting in many areas at ever increasing levels. You will grow deeper and deeper into the Spiritual depths of the Inner Chamber of Spirit, which has
all the sources of the universe at your disposal
and that constantly go to work for you.

And the Jesus is Us matrix, web, interconnecting community of power, is connecting you to an endless chain of Spirit-Powered cells of those in Jesus Spirit.

Your Spirit-driven resources become virtually unlimited.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Great Groups in Jesus Spirit

By Geffry Fields

Ultimate Power comes from Groups who practice the Jesus Spirit.
These groups are not limited in application... life, work, special mission.

Anyone who applies the Jesus Spirit, will see the very statement of Jesus...
“You will do even greater things than you have seen me do”
...being fulfilled through the dynamics of these groups.

Here are some key factors to consider... how this works in Jesus Spirit.


There is no formal leader. One or two may be gifted in seeing that the flow of information is balanced and all get to participate, but the word "leadership" is redefined.
"The greatest will be the least
and the leaders will be the servants of all." (Jesus)

Everyone, when One in Spirit and the Same Mind,
reflects what is the Mind of Jesus Himself being re-manifested in the group.

Jesus Spirit himself is the leadership for the group... other than just one person. This is a different dynamic in the Western culture as we are not used to and it would take some time to get used to it. True leaders are true servants.

True leadership serves those around them, helps them find their natural gifts and creates a platform so their gifts in Spirit can emerge, be expressed in unique ways.

True leaders don’t have followers. They mobilize and push people forward, above and beyond them, to use their gifts in admirable, outstanding ways… in a spirit of service to others. Leaders aren’t about coming up with a vision and selling it to others. They are about helping those they know come up with a vision which enacts their gifts and selling them on their vision. They help others find their gifted vision, bring complementary visions together to create an even Bigger vision and gift package.


Spirit-based gifts will surface when everyone is One in Jesus Spirit and of the Same Mind. When there is unity of Spirit, this ignites gifts in each person... above and beyond their natural birth gifts and those developed through education and training. It takes loving, respecting and caring for each other... in this Spirit, Supernatural, gifts blossom.

It is important to see this will take place and respect it when it happens. It may surprise those in the group what happens to some during the course of a meeting or gathering for a specific purpose. Gifts of a Supernatural level may come through certain ones that you would least expect. So it is important not to be prejudice, or predetermine the contribution of each person.

The Jesus Spirit will create these gifts… in ways that will surprise us. True leadership is servanthood as One. We are all called to serve, respect diverse gifts, and contribute to combining diversity of talents to form a team of Creating Power.

Giving Up... Giving To

When everyone has a servant's spirit and sees others as more important than themselves, the ground is laid for this. It takes an attitude of "giving up"... Jesus referred to this when he asked will you drink the cup I drink and eat the bread that I eat. In other words will you die to yourself like I did so you will have the power... which He promised.

As each member"gives up" his position, his pride, his feeling of I have the best idea, his knowledge... anything that would create the attitude.... I am the one with the right answer, solution, etc.... this “giving up” fosters the Power of the Jesus Spirit in the group. One problem we all face is we think we are right. And in groups we choose the one’s answer who we feel is right.

The Jesus Spirit does it differently. As each humbles himself and works to be a part of the group mind, Jesus Mind, we have a higher order of intelligence beginning to form... Spiritual Intelligence. This is the Jesus Spirit at work in the group. To gain more, each of us individually must “give up” what we have and merge with the group.

It also takes “giving to.”

Where there are needs and we have ability, knowledge or possessions that would help, each gives to the other to help so their is equality.

This stimulates the Jesus Spirit. We give in love to each other as we see needs in each other, especially where we have means, talent, or position to do that. As John the Apostle said in his letter, if you see a Jesus Spirit person with material needs and you don't help even though you have means to help, you do not have the love of God in you. You are not a true follower of Jesus Spirit.

“We should practice the acts of serving members of the Body of Christ and others when they are in need.… If we do not have a serving attitude toward those in need, we suffer the loss of the manifestation of His Presence.” (Dr. A)

This all happens out of a heart of love. It is not manipulated. We do it because love is in us.

We are, in Jesus Spirit, generous like He is and we want others to have if we have something more than, possessions, position, knowledge.

The Apostles in the Bible had little money, but gave healing. Jesus grave was provided by a person who had a burial place... a fairly well-to-do person. It is the Spirit of being generous.

Freely you have received; freely give.
Love is generous, caring, kind and wants no one to be without or be in a tight spot around them. It literally breaks the Heart of Jesus when we close up His Spirit and don't share with the less fortunate.

Give away your gifts as needed, your skills, ability, money, possessions, time, as you have it, needed to accomplish a group Inspired mission. In this Spirit, Spirit Power rises to the forefront. So in a group, if someone is weak in an area, those stronger in that area should make up the difference.

Each person does this and then the group is balanced in function and it provides the dynamic for Jesus Spirit to function Supernaturally.
Love grows, groups bond.

Love Covenant Connection

Dr. A pointed out that the last supper meal of Jesus had a much more significant meaning than practiced today. When sharing the wine with each other, He was sharing His blood (from His brutal death) with everyone. He was creating a blood covenant… it creates a close love covenant.

We are One... a binding relationship in that all things were shared as common. This is the ideal of marriage... all belongs to both. It is a Spiritual union.

When groups live in covenant relationship, a love covenant relationship, is practiced in Spirit among each other,

All The Power of Jesus Spirit is then manifested
to surpass what Jesus Himself accomplished while on earth.

Now, Jesus is Us does this as One in corporate unity in Spirit. (Where 2, 3, 4 or more work as a love unit… the power of Jesus is Us is demonstrated.)

Jesus is Us is One formed in Power. Division robs Spiritual Power. Sacrificial unity manufactures Power. Division is our biggest enemy… it destroys all the Potential Power of Jesus is Us.

To diminish Jesus Spirit power, break the unity in the group:
be selective who the leader is,
don't compensate for others' weakness,
deny the use of Spiritual gifts some get in the meetings,
don't help someone when they have a need
that you have means to help....
all this creates an unbalance of the covenant connection
they have as a group.
Power is deflated, and groups wimp out.

“The Corinthians had lost the sense of Covenant Connection. Paul, the Apostle said, ‘We being many are one bread, and one body.’ He addressed their loss of consciousness of the value of need for unity. Satan, Evil Spirits, business is to divide. The Holy Spirit cannot work where there is division. We only need to remember that it is where two agree on earth, the Father works in Heaven. God, the Holy Spirit (Jesus Spirit) works when God’s people are in unity.” (Dr. A)

Merge Diversity

Different perspectives which merge to function as an orchestration of views and activity creates power.

Harmony in Diversity is the fuse to power.

Great things come out of this phenomenon. When we spend our time seeking for the right answer, from the right person, we limit impact. We should assume all are right, to merge all ideas to form a better inspired idea.

Dr. A believed when we do this, we then are hearing from Jesus Mind. So we add “all” of Jesus Spirit (presented in parts from everyone). Then we all share part of Jesus Voice. We bring it into one Voice, one shared/combined view, perspective of a Higher Level… that moves us into the Jesus Mind. When all voices are heard, we hear Jesus’ voice... all ideas form One Bigger Idea... a Jesus is Us Idea.

Then Jesus Spirit puts the rest in motion... Supernaturally.
Those gifted by the Jesus Spirit will rise up to help bring this to One complete voice... the Jesus Spirit Voice. When this Voice is heard (that includes each voice heard and expanded to a Higher voice) the vision, idea, solution presented is then, at that momemt, put in motion in Spirit.

The next step is each determining, through the Jesus Spirit, what each person’s role is in carrying it out. This brings on the next phase of Gifts…each are gifted with what is needed to carry it out to Spiritual perfection. Spiritual gifts then evolve which equip those committed to the Spiritual Vision, cultivated through being One in Jesus Spirit, carrying out the Spiritual as prescribed by the Group/Jesus Spirit Mind.

Love, relationship binding, humility, respect to each other and an enthusiasm as a group is also inherently manifested out of this.

As I visited with Dr. A. he saw this... Covenant Connection Principle…as the key to seeing the Supernatural as the normal part of our lives. The lack of the Covenant Connection Principle is the reason why so little power in living exists today.

Any group.... a business group, family group, cause/mission group, Spiritual Growth group.... that applies this principle will see "Greater things than what Jesus did on earth" happen through their groups.

“The covenant connection between believers provides a way for the healing love to bring healing to the sick.” (Dr. A)

To get the Jesus Mind, all perspectives from each person must be heard out to completion. We must not let the strong, opinionated voice dominate the group. All voices need to be heard and then allow the Jesus Spirit to raise it up to the Heavenly Level of Power and Supernatural ability to resolve any problem, conquer any quest, and mobilize any mission.

This would make businesses, and any group with a special purpose, very noble and powerful if they followed the Jesus Spirit pattern… an organism with a noble cause.

A business leader’s role is ideally a servant leader to bring the gifts out of people, create business systems that utilize these gifts to the fullest and maintain the Spiritual unity which fosters greatness.

It is his/her role to create ways to take care of people and the needs in people’s lives. Jesus ideal presented to mankind can be fulfilled through the business system in society. If business owners see their role beyond just profits for themselves and shareholders,
but instead see profits for all who work with them
as a core of Spirit power fulfilled through a Jesus is Us community.

Business entities can lead the way for the Power of Jesus is Us to be manifested in the community, and nation they serve. This can be the hub of Jesus is Us in society. The home is ideal, but realistically people interact as a community with more time at work.

Spiritual cells of power and unity can be cultivated and carried out in the workplace with more precision…. which would impact the people, their home lives, the community and the nation…. and create a Supernaturally profitable business entity.

Jesus is Us can be used as a business management model, process and system for exceptional service and product development.

It only takes 2, 3, 4 or more in unison, “Covenant Connection,” to accomplish this. It takes "Giving up" all we have for others. And "Giving to" what we can to make it happen. It is of interest to read the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 10, in the Bible.

“Those who Give up… for the Jesus Spirit… will not go without their reward.” It is a reward of ultra-world proportions of the Most High for Jesus is Us.

“When we unite here on earth, it connects us with Heaven.”
(Dr. A)

A unique view. Uniting on earth creates an interactive connection with Heaven's miraculous creating power. IT Sparks Heavenly Activity.
(Angelic forces strategically carry out Spiritual military engagements on our behalf.)

Great Groups of Jesus Spirit function with humility, forgiving hearts, serving others sacrificially as needed… a loving, reciprocating, caring group of noble, cause-driven, gifted, giving people.

This is how Jesus Spirit actualizes Great Groups.

The more each person of a group
allows the substance of Jesus Spirit to possess them,
the Greater it Compounds the substance of Jesus Spirit
to blossom in the group as a whole.

Not all things are possible by a human being;
but human beings as One in Jesus Spirit,
becoming Jesus is Us,

ALL Things Are Possible!