Friday, July 29, 2005

When Same Minds Meet...Triggers the Spectacular

by Geffry Fields

The Spectacular of Spirit Powered Meetings

It is amazing what happens
when two, three or more people meet
for the purpose of translating the influence
of the Jesus Spirit into their lives.

The Physician, Luke, who wrote of Jesus' life, recorded an incident when the new followers of Jesus Spirit got together and ask God to give them All of God's Spirit that Jesus had for what they were doing.

After each incident when they saw Jesus Spirit work on their behalf, they went back to one of these Spirit Powered Meetings. Some call them prayer meetings, although they were encounters with Spirit that Supercharged them for what they were about. They met to allow Spirit to encourage them and they petitioned Spirit of Jesus to continue to empower them. They were Spirit Meetings.

Great, spectacular things always came out of them.

This also has implications on how we can meet with others and see the same dramatic evidences of Spirit Power at work with us. Always go back to Spirit and get refueled each time you see Jesus Spirit work on your behalf. When things go well, always go back into Spirit. When things go wrong, always go into Spirit.

It is like recharging your batteries so they are constantly operating at full power. On my cell phone it has an indicator that says battery full when it’s at full strength. I am careful not to let it get at low battery because it may just shut off on me in the middle of a conversation. Our Spiritual cell for Power is much the same way. It is good to keep it charged up to full all the time, so we don't risk not having the Power when needed.

There are ways to apply the following episode reported by Luke about Jesus followers in meetings we have today... at work, clubs, various groups, and any gathering for the purpose of having Supernatural power to work with us. This includes about everything.

Some call it intercessory prayer... where we meet for the purpose to have Jesus Spirit intervene on our behalf and for others. It could be with the intention to solve a business problem, meet an organizational objective, enhance relationships, or overcome a diabolical situation in our lives.

It is becoming one voice in Spirit to become recharged so great power continues to go to bat for us in what Spirit leads us to do. It is petitioning the maker of Heaven and Earth to Provide Spiritual Intelligence, Power and Resolve for something of great concern.

We could call it…a Spirit Powered Meeting, or Spirit Voice Action meeting… What ever we call it… when we come together, those of Jesus Spirit, and with one voice to share our desires, extraordinary events occur.

This can take place anywhere. It is not limited geographically. It is wherever people of Jesus Spirit choose to meet... a board room, living room, by a river, in a jail, in a church building. "We know God's power is available. What we need is the will to commit ourselves to being in one accord (have one voice in heart and Spirit) in the way it is demonstrated in Acts 3 and 4 in the Bible." (Dr. A)

Here's what happened in Luke's observation...

1. The place was physically shaken.The Spirit moved in such a forceful way, the very building they were in began shaking like an earthquake was happening. Spirit, in power, will shake things up in our lives, and then restructure them.

2. The Spirit of Jesus totally immersed their entire being. When Jesus went up to the mount of transfiguration, He came back from that experience where He was reported to have met God directly, with incredible demonstrations of Power in all He did.

The same power is for us when we enter the Secret Place of the Most High, Jesus in Us. That power can be displayed with the same dramatic quality. "Nothing of (great) success is accomplished except by the power of God through the Jesus Spirit." (Dr. A)

3. In their personalities, they had a boldness uncharacteristic of their previous personalities. They were not afraid to speak to the most important and powerful people of the community about their views. "Such boldness comes from the inner presence and power of the Holy Spirit." (Dr. A)

When we walk with that inner presence of Power, Jesus Spirit, and are convinced about His direction, we exude enormous force in our presence… beyond what we may even realize. It goes before us and works on our behalf.

4. People were convinced about what they said. A super human level of persuasion was part of their speaking abilities. People all of a sudden became convinced and followed what they said. It wasn’t a rhetorical skill; it was a personal Power they had… Jesus Spirit Power in them.

5. They had all things in common. The attitudes of selfishness, self-centeredness, personal ambition or personal agendas, didn't exist. They saw themselves as one unit. They freely shared with others as they saw needs around them... both materially and spiritually, and they walked around with this Supernatural power at their disposal to heal and change lives for the better.

6. They were a walking demonstration of the Power, Love and Joy of the Spirit of God. People saw a re-birthed replica of Jesus Himself in these people. This demonstration was convincing, so convincing that people recognized something out of the ordinary was going on here…and many wanted to be part of it.

7. They treated everyone so graciously and courteously. They all seemed like one big happy family at a family reunion. They all seemed to know and enjoy each other. "How exciting it must have been to see the people in such loving fellowship and communion with each other. One could grow envious of such a sight and long to be part of this company of believers." (Dr. A)

How can we use this in our meetings? I keep thinking of how organizations and businesses have so many meetings but probably not many with the demonstration of unique power these had. What if our meetings went like this and we could get on a regular basis Spiritual Intelligence, Power and Strategic direction.

While sitting in a coffee shop this morning I over heard someone sharing with, what appeared to be, a missions group. He said he liked a “tight-loose group to work with. When a group goes from being an organism to a organization, it looses its mission earnestness. It becomes more like a job.”

Interesting thought... to be tightly knit as people, but function loosely in process. To have order, but not so many rules and too much structure so that it suppresses “spontaneous Spirit”. Even in businesses now, this kind of thought is being promoted.

Spirit can function in a powerful way when this is the foundational structure, the core essence of how everyone relates. Luke’s report of the Spirit-powered meeting in the early Jesus Spirit era, can be replicated today as well. It is possible to see this same manifestation today.

Here is how we could go about it.

Being One into Spirit
and One with each other...
becoming the Same Mind...
The Jesus Spirit Mind...
miraculous things can take place today
in the very mundane facets of our lives.

Consider this for maximum Spiritual impact:

1. When you meet, as a business, group, or a tight-loose organism, provide time for each to share what good things have been happening in each of your lives. What has Jesus Spirit be saying to you. Share your insights, experiences and revelations with each other. This pumps up faith and a positive belief in Spirit power in our attitudes. Through high degrees of faith, the “hard to explain” happens.

2. If there are negatives, misunderstandings or some "rift" between anyone in the group, get it out. Share, ask others to forgive you if you feel you have wronged someone in some way, and get things cleared up. Negatives not dealt with will cause a reluctance for heart-led involvement for some in the group. This suppresses the potential of Spiritual power.

3. Each one take time to share earnest heart desires of things you see happening and hope to happen. Even things that may be in the "out there" realm of possibility and things that may seem insurmountable to overcome. Share in a positive way, knowing Jesus Spirit Presence and Power is with you.

In essence this is prayer, as each of the group participants, unites in belief, and love and compassion and desire it to earnestly happen as well. This creates a group mind...united, a Jesus Spirit Mind that initiates Spiritual power to resolve or bring to life what is sought. Remember, Spirit creates matter and brings the resources needed, as needed, in the way needed.

4. As you take turns around the group and each share, you will see a build in enthusiasm and vigor in voice. Let the Spirit of Jesus build in the group. As this builds more and more power is expanding in Spirit and Spirit Power is going out to accomplish what is being laid before the group and before Jesus in Spirit. Jesus Spirit meets us and joins us when we meet, and when we engage Jesus Spirit within the meeting. He lives in us and participates among us.

This time may include using Scriptures, Inspired thoughts that build faith which reassure us of the greatness of Spirit and the promise of Spirit Power available to us.

5. During this time of voicing desires and believing for exceptional power, ideas will begin popping into your head. As you conclude give each person time to share with the group what is coming to mind. Trust this as God's Mind speaking to you and addressing the answer.

Reaffirm from your positive reflections what you see happening. As you do this faith continues to build and as your faith builds the power of Spirit recreating matter, from literally nothing, increases exponentially and dramatically. Keep the momentum of positive faith in motion as you speak to each other.

6. What you feel impressed to do, each person, voice this as your commitment to the answer of this "prayer" and take it on as your part in answer to what you are seeking in Spirit. Again, remember the practical and Spiritually miraculous work together. Do your part and Jesus Spirit will do His part.

Have someone keep a record of what is discussed, the revelations that may come up, the ideas that surface and new vision that may be formed. Keep this information, and bring it back the next meeting. Of course, having it emailed to each other following the meeting will keep it before each person as it continues to build vision-faith and the Spirit continues to work it into your heart...

"What you believe for as you ask and do not doubt,
it will be done for you." (Jesus)

With your words encourage each other and what you say to each other is prayer and it will be accomplished as well in Spirit. When you speak to someone you literally speak a blessing into that person and cause what you speak to actually come into that person's life.

Jesus is Us.

Interact accepting this as part of our lives in all we do,
every part of the day,
and in every involvement we have.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Predictive Intelligence... a Spiritual Arsenal

by Geffry Fields

Spirit will tell us before hand what is going to happen.

Spirit will then create the resources for it to happen.

The core to this power source is...
One into Spirit,
One with each other,
Retrained mind in Jesus Spirit
United with the same mind.
(note blogs:
Practical Side of Living Jesus Spirit;
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Predictive intelligence comes to us more and more as Jesus Spirit is progressively characterized (living as Jesus) in our lives.

Both my daughter and I have had theater training and experience. Although she was trained by one of the finest theater schools in the United States. Many good actors are also good psychologists, costumer service reps, dealing with different personalities. This training, even if not used in theater, will assist every thing one does in life.

I remember when visiting the U. of I campus for her graduation, she pointed out a building to me and said that was were the Internet was pioneered. Recently, I just read an article about how the Internet and WWW all got started.

One of the pioneers met an U. of I student, wanted to meet him and told him...
"I see something here, I don't know what it is yet, but I want you to work with me and help me figure it out." This relationship was the beginning launch of the browser that has made the Internet what it is today.

This sounds so much like how Spirit operates. It starts with a sense. And then when cooperating with someone of like mind, the idea begins to form. But the first thing is becoming like-minded... the Same Mind.

Well, back to theater. Becoming as Jesus takes morphing into His character as ours. Pure like-mindedness and the quality of the Same Mind to be manifested in our lives as we do this.

Actors learn the art of characterization... that is becoming the very person they are portraying in a play or movie. Characterization process is very involved as the goal is to become the person you represent as an actor. You learn everything you can about the person, where he/she came from, how he grew up, what influenced him in life, family, economic history, education, how he handled this, way of thinking, emotional style and make up....

It is learning the very inner existence of the person and programming oneself so you literally become that person in a play or movie. One of the arts of living artfully in Jesus Spirit is to do the same with Jesus' life. When I read the events of Jesus life, I many times read from this perspective.... as if I were studying Him to portray Him in life.This goes hand and hand with retraining the mind.

To effectively make our mind consistent with Jesus Spirit... the pondering and living out, as if Jesus, in our prayers and meditations, as if we were becoming His character...helps more than anything to be a living model of Jesus.

Try this some day. Read several sections of Jesus life, role play in your mind/imagination as if you are Jesus, being Jesus, and go out that day and everything you do, pretend you are Jesus in all your interactions. This includes your thinking, your way of talking to people, what you talk about, how you respond and the attitude (thoughts) you carry throughout the day.

Keep doing this for a week... then review it for a week on how you did. As you did this what was different; what did you learn; how did you feel? Go back and study Jesus for a week and then do it another week.

This is a life-changing way to line up our mental and thought life with the Jesus Spirit that is trying to be consistent in lining up with us.

My personal motivation is this area... to become like Jesus and use the process of characterization when I read about Jesus. I study Jesus constantly to learn His thoughts, manner, ideology, learning the why's behind the what's. This goes beyond the "what would Jesus do" slogan we hear a lot. This goes more into being Jesus and then in all things you respond more naturally as Jesus would.

Become Jesus....and in Jesus Spirit we can.

Now when two do this and they are connected with a life mission (marriage, friends, business colleagues, etc.), they can ignite the Spiritual substance of Jesus and exceed His example of that. This takes within yourself to be
One into Spirit;
then One with each other;
with a retrained mind in Jesus Spirit
and united with one of the Same Mind.

This begins to remove the fog from our eyes as we see people along the way each day. We see into people, see real, the true needs, we begin gathering "insightful intelligence" to what is going on. You see Two of the Same Spirit, would be as if Jesus when on earth met Himself ... and Jesus and Jesus united in cause or mission.

This was what He was trying to get across to His followers. "Each of you will have Me, My Spirit, in you. When you live in love and compassion for each other, and unite My Spirit in you with one who also lives with My Spirit in them. When you do this, you light the match that sets off an explosive mass of power greater than anything than just Me, as One on earth."

Jesus Spirit... plus Jesus Spirit... sets off universe moving power. You have two in Jesus Spirit connecting... creating an electrical charge that has Universe-changing power. Can you see the significance of this?

This is the real art of prayer. Being in Spirit and interacting with Spirit which interacts with others in Spirit. An interchange of information of great magnitude goes on. As Spiritual intelligence is flowing constantly and freely within ourselves, among others, we connect with a total universe interfacing with information.

All Spirit conduits are interfacing with all Spiritual elements of the universe, connecting in a massive communication processing and exchange. Our Spirit sorts this out and we get pure, active predictive intelligence that can guide every single part, most detailed parts, most intricate areas of our lives.

Living in Jesus Spirit and be constantly online with Jesus Spirit, we stay in touch with a hyper-level Spiritual information exchange. This is a Spiritual equivalent to the Internet, but even more precise, strategic and faster. Spirit, at its purest level, surpasses in function an information exchange, with more efficacy of anything... exceeding and going beyond what the Internet Browsers will ever do.

This is the next great leading technology... a Spiritual technology... It will be Mankind's Spirits interacting in Spirit... directly... with other Mankind's Spirits.

We will some day learn the art of this... but only through Spirit. This is what prayer really is.

So this Spiritual interchange is a most powerful, protecting and empowering personal assistant. It is like we just keep a Spiritual instant message system on all the time. When good things happen, it remains important to stay connected. It will keep developing and growing unlimitedly, as we stay connected.

When we leave Jesus Spirit, go back to the natural mind, or deviate from the Jesus process, we lose this connection. It is there, but we inadvertently turn it off. We go off line, and lose instant messaging of predictive intelligence.

By staying on-line with Jesus Spirit, all the authority of God's supreme being and Spirit is at our disposal. We have the Authority of the Most High One of the Universe.

Through Jesus Spirit, Jesus Is Us...As one transposed in Spirit.. transfigured in Spirit... part of the whole group in Spirit. As Same Minds, with on-line connections in Spirit, the Ultra-authority of the universe is in the Jesus is Us group.

So, working within the Universe of Intelligence and the master game plan at work for the world and its billions of intricate components we line up to getting great connections... with whatever is the need around us. We know when to share, to help someone in need, the resource to share and have access to unlimited possibilities to get resources. We stay tuned, and tune in first to the master plan and find out our strategic role in all things we encounter.

This Master Plan by the Spirit of Creation, guides us in a micro-second system within our Jesus Spirit. Staying on-line for our instant message in Spirit, makes all we do exceptionally timely.

Dr. A elaborates, "Jesus exercised no prerogatives of His own. He did only those things which were spelled out in the mandate given to Him by His Father. Jesus was so tuned to His Father's will that His action was identical to what the Father would do. Here's the marvelous revelation of God...
for what we see in Jesus IS God!"

So Jesus Spirit in our thoughts gives us Divinely Guided Predictive Intelligence... a Universally in touch Spirit of the Universe, personally guiding our thoughts and actions. What we ask for then in light of Jesus Character, Mission, Purpose, is one with God.

This is a trinity of Power.
This trinity of relationship....God, Jesus, Spirit (all One)...made everything.

We now live in Relationship with The Trinity. Nothing can stop this Spiritual configuration.

We are working on behalf of Jesus Spirit authority over the whole universe. "The use of the Name (working on his behalf) of Jesus. It really speaks to the authority which is given to the believer who is in sync with what God is doing and will do in and through His Believers. To use the Name of Jesus as Jesus used the name of the Father demands that we be in Jesus as He is in us and in the same way in which the Father was in Him and He was in the Father." (Dr. A)

God is Trinity.
Trinity is relationship .... that they may be one as we are one... is a very high calling. Anything less than this is just a religion without power." (Dr. A)

Miracle, life re-manufacturing Power of unprecedented miraculous nature is at our beckoned call, within our smallest thoughts.
Compassion ignites it, and rules it.

When needs surface, we are capable of magnificent response.
"When Spirit guides us into action, we stretch out our hands to the needy. We share our bread in fellowship."

"The Spirit moves the physical.
The Spirit turns loose the material.
His blessings multiplies the bread. All we need is the Spirit to move us and we will experience His promise that if we agree together as touching anything that we ask it shall be done for us."

"The Spiritual is manifested in the temporal. How this contrasts with those who try through the material world to accomplish Spiritual ends. We should never attempt anything in our natural selves, but always begin in the Spirit." (Dr. A)

Divine Strategy or what to do is the Spirit of predictive intelligence. It knows what will happen. It knows what components will make it happen. We have this predictive intelligence at our disposal.

We can live off of Divine communication resources, which communicate through our minds having a Jesus Spirit mind, that give us a predictive course of action from Spiritual Intelligence.

Within this concept or aspect of prayer... we listen for Spiritual intelligence. We function strategically in all we do. Predictive Intelligence guides our whole day.

The implications of living, in reality, this lifestyle in Jesus Spirit are unfathomable, just too electrifying to be explained or expressed.

One into Spirit,
One with each other,
Retrained with Jesus Mind,
Same Mind uniting

---A Trilogy of Power---

Man to Man... connecting... to The Spiritual Ruling Trinity of the Universe. Our Apex of Spiritual forces connecting creating unmatched includes man... including the most least man on earth.

All the Creative Power of the universe is manifested in this Trilogy of Connection. The Same Spirit connecting All.

This Spirit, Jesus Spirit, creates Matter, moves circuits, heals hearts, rebuilds what's broken.

Predictive Intelligence... we know things
Creative Power... Spirit creates the material and what we need for what we know.

The Power Point:
Spirit renders predictive intelligence.
Spirit creates matter.
Spirit is the origin of everything that exists...visible and invisible; tangible and intangible.
Everything was created by Spirit, is now created by Spirit, and will be created by Spirit.

We know and can know beforehand, with Spirit its intelligence weaves through "everything" and can transport Itself to everyone.

Everyone has the privilege to tap into it. Spirit finds and creates solutions, miraculously.

As a civilization, we may only be tapping .00001% of its potential...meaning we have not even cracked the surface of Jesus Spirit potential.

It's a resource every person... irrelevant of age, education, economic status, culture... can tap, refine to use as a regular, normal part of life. The potential here is staggering.

Jesus Spirit has potential beyond our imaginations... and even this is a profound understatement.

Isaiah the Prophet in the Bible quoted Spirit as telling him, "I will show you riches in Secret Places." These Riches are "Spirit"... that creates from nothing, everything and anything beyond belief.

It starts by going into the Secret Place of the Most High. He, the Spirit, will personally reveal knowledge, and create strategic solutions, power...

Predictive Intelligence with solution forming transaction.
It's wrapped around Love and Value and Significance.

Jesus Spirit tells you what through Predictive Intelligence
Jesus Spirit gives the resources to make it happen

It's Strategic, specific, not massive.
It's exact for what is needed to accomplish what it's for.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Practical Side of Living Jesus Spirit

by Geffry Fields

Renew, reprogram the mind as a Jesus Spirit Mind.

Two Practical areas are most critical for great power in Jesus Spirit…
--retraining the patterns of our minds to be consistent with Jesus teaching
--forming liked minded teams of the same mind

This takes personal disciple just like an athlete who wants to compete at the highest level. Good things are not always easy and we must be committed and strategically work hard for it. As Jesus said, the way is narrow and only the few who really want it will make the personal sacrifices to experience it. It is available to anyone who wants it…

We have the admission ticket into the Big Game,
but playing to win championships takes discipline and commitment.

Re-Train the mind to live out the Jesus Spirit pattern of life. Our minds have been influenced through all our lives by everything it has seen, heard, experienced. Research has shown we store all experiences in a very sophisticated subconscious memory system...which is still more advanced than any computer. The mind literally records everything it hears, it takes pictures and stores everything we see…throughout our whole life.

When we made a judgment decision based on certain situations we tend to repeat that later on… when situations similar to our past experiencere occur. Early childhood experiences and emotional response can continue to regulate how we respond to things throughout our entire lifetime. Who we are, how we think and the actions we take are all subject to all these exposures. They are automatic, we respond automatically repeatedly with them in place. Until they are replaced they continue to control our lives. This is very important.

The mind must be literally reprogrammed… deliberately and constructively.

What we constantly expose ourselves to is constantly making an impression on our minds. And that controls our thinking patterns. So we must control the inputs we get in all parts of our lives as much as we can.To change from old, non-productive patterns and build in patterns to be like the Spirit of Jesus, we must constantly feed the very character ofJesus into our minds.

The way to do this is to constantly review the Scriptures, especially Jesus teaching, to reflect, let them soak in and practice putting them to work in real world situations. We must reprogram and replace all that we have let into the storage areas of our minds.

Dr. A pointed out the followers of Jesus in the New Testament continued to be "steadfastly devoted" to Jesus teaching. Hearing his lessons of life He shared while on earth over and over again. They gave all their extra time to a constant exposure of these New Spiritual teachings of Jesus.

This was the first step to becoming extremely unique in love, power and the function of the supernatural as a routine in their lives.

Almost everyone has hypocrisy symptoms. Very few human beings live up to what they say or believe. Each person has areas of inconsistency in how they live, things they do or say they are not consistent with what they say they stand for.

To be consistent to what we believe and stand for requires a personal disciple daily... morning, noon and night... keep mulling over the teachings of Jesus and His Apostles in the Bible. Joshua advocated to meditate on Spiritual principles day and night…i.e., constantly and all the time.

The Bible is still recognized as the most reliable resource on Spiritual growth. The new translations are easy to follow and understand. To change behavior, constant attention must be given to the change process, or our thoughts will revert back to negative self-defeating thoughts, and our actions will continue as before that are not consistent with Jesus Spirit… which result in living without any Power of Spirit manifested through our lives.

Jesus Spirit lives in us and teaches us directly. When we take time to focus on His Spirit in Us we get Divine direction. When our thoughts come in alignment with Jesus way of thinking from the Scriptures, it ignites the Spirit of Jesus to come alive and speak to us, through our thoughts. And It actively works in reality for us.

When you read the Scriptures regularly, this happens more and more and gets more refined. Reconditioning, reprogramming takes time. When you desire circumstances to change and you stay in this High level meditative thought pattern, the elements of earth become a slave to your thought images.

What you see intensely,
vividly for a length of time
with strong heart-felt emotion,
while intensely in Jesus Spirit, begins moving conditions affecting this.

Those who practice this relate that they have seen great miracles when they do this repeatedly. How you prepare in quiet, in Jesus Spirit, the Secret place of the Most High, will be manifested, come into reality.

We, in concert with Jesus Spirit create the reality, the will of Spirit, purpose of life… it becomes us and we then partner with Jesus Spirit to bring it into existence. The biggest part of all this transformational process happens during "Secret Place" times. As a civilization we don't spend as much time here. Those who do will verify that this begins to happen.

But it takes renewing the mind through reprogramming its thought processes, with Jesus Spirit processes and then allowing it to saturate our being as it takes us on a mystical journey in our mind and soul. The more time spent here the greater the external results you will see. The more Spiritual Power you will see being part of your life. The more results you will see in untouchable areas of your life....mind, body, relationships, purpose, mission, gifts, skills.

You live a Powerful, Action-packed, Spirited guided lifestyle.

Be joined with those of the Same Mind

“Be joined together of the same mind”... this is a Spiritual precept.

When two who make a commitment to renew their mind in Jesus Spirit and do this constantly... as a personal discipline... they become much like two spiritual masters in Jesus Spirit. They can take on major undertakings as a team.

In the formative days following Jesus Spirit being released on earth, they didn't have formal places to meet. Most of the time they met in people’s homes. This kept the groups small. Being small they devoted themselves to Jesus teaching, spending time in Spirit growing together and growing into the "same mind."

They relied on Jesus teaching them directly through the Jesus Spirit in each person contributing what they saw, were learning through Spirit. This simple example so profoundly outlines why there was so much power displayed in their lives.

They met in small numbers, really got to know each other becoming One in Spirit. Jesus Spirit Himself taught the group becoming the Same Mind. This is the Mind of Jesus manifesting as He designed it to be.

Today, groups of 2,3, 4, of the same mind, can still see the same phenomenon as they manifest Jesus Spirit by uniting with each other.

“Joined together” (in 1 Corinthians 1) used above is also used by Jesus when he refers to husband and wife unity….What God joins together let no one split up.

This refers to a very close, intimate existence. It relates to all who believe and aspire to live in Jesus Spirit. It goes beyond marriage, to clubs, groups, business ventures,… anyone with a cause, mission can see the power of Spirit manifested in all they do.

“Joined together of the same mind” is the foundation that is critical. It must be there.

But only love, living in Jesus Spirit by each, creates the way for it to be there. It can’t be forced to happen. Only Jesus Spirit in each connecting in love, caring, compassion can make it happen.

I feel groups up to 6 to 8 are most effective. Okay, Jesus had 12 with one bad apple in the bunch.

You can get unity, create a vision formed thru the influence of all, be weighty with a sense of purpose, and a unified drive and determination to carry out a vision.

Everyone keeps everyone going and great power is constantly being transmitted through, between, from the group. They are powerful and unstoppable in their mission. Everyone is interactively contributing to each other. As Jesus Spirit is coaxed to interact above and beyond each others thoughts and actions.

The Same Mind is cultivated by each being disciplined and diligent in renewing their minds…bringing themselves more and more in alignment with Pure Spirit of Jesus Earth Creating Power. When each maintain a pace consistent with each other, they begin merging into a Same Mind of power.

Power teams are birthed and great supernatural things can be accomplished. It happens through Collective Divine thought-gathering of those diligently renewing, enhancing the mind with Pure Spirit Principles which stimulate Spirit Power. As they maintain a tract of being One in Spirit the Power accelerates in proportion to the Oneness which develops and the Same Mind that emerges. They are then genuinely Spirit Led.

The direct Spiritual Intelligence of God through Jesus Spirit leads them. The Spirit, within this team gives them ideas, directions, ways to go, plus supernatural manifestations. The very thoughts and ideas they have are being brought into reality.

There is a practical and supernatural part that work in unison… of the Same Mind.
They get ideas and strategies on what to do,
and the Spirit of Jesus goes ahead of them to create through Spirit Creative Power the very thing they envision as a group… the Same Mind of Jesus Spirit.

Our Actions Inspired, empowered by Spirit;
Plus Spirit preparing, paving the way.

But remember the supernatural occurrence starts immediately when you pray, believe, see in your mind. Thoughts, visions, dreams for better world shared and earnestly desired inagreement of the group... begin forming Right Then.

It happens immediately as the group comes to heart-felt enthusiastic agreement. As any tightly-knit group that prayers together, voices with zeal the excitement of the plans expressed... the manifestation process starts right then and there.

Teams of the same mind, being constantly renewing in the Jesus Spirit are very forceful. As a team, no one is more important than anyone else because of the love and respect they have for each other. The Same Mind crafted by the Spirit molds them into the activated Power cell.

Through the Paradox of Problems Spiritual Power forms.

Many times Jesus Spirit turns what appear to be problems into our biggest blessings.

The early believers of Jesus Spirit were driven into homes for fear of being found out and harmed... being attacked for their beliefs. Dr. A shared, "They were people who had been persecuted and disenfranchised. They had no source of income and had to find ways to feed themselves. In the midst of their abject poverty they were willing to share with other saints. They were ready to liquidate portions of all of their own assets for the benefit of the dependent members of fellowship.

They did not consider anything which they had as too valuable to sacrifice for those in need.

The real truth, which should shine through to everyone, is that the spirit of sacrificial sharing. The willingness to give up our self interests."

Problems make people pull together. When people truly from-the-heart pull together the Principle of Unity of Spirit, Oneness, goes to work. Then as One there is true power, and these groups who get to share this become authentically Powerful. All things are indeed possible… with sacrificial love, and individual interests, selfishness set aside so ALL do well.

So the paradox is that problems many times lead us to the Power of One in Jesus Spirit that works in a supernatural way. It forces us into meditating more on the teachings of Jesus and, consequently, merging into the same mind.

They were completely sold out to what they believed. What they believed was they were willing to do what it took to express it and see its results manifested in the world.

They were committed
and created a personal discipline to get the results they desired.

Those who whole heartily believe in something will be totally, 100% committed to it. Dr. A goes on to say, "Such love was a magnet that drew people to Jesus Spirit. It could be observed they had power with God..." It was a great level of Power, unmatchable by anything on earth.

When living out Jesus Spirit, people like you.
When you care for and show love to people, they like you.
When you sincerely do things with others interests at heart, they like you.

True favor with people is built out of this genuine caring and love for others. They sense and are drawn to you like a magnet. This is irresistible. People can’t help but like you.

The teachings of Jesus are so important because
"The earthly life of Jesus was the 'bodily' form of God on earth."

Our unity as One then is now Jesus, in us, as a unit. Self interest becomes a secondary concern to the well being of others. We see others, from our inner hearts, more important than ourselves.True humility is born and in his humility is Power, Love and the ability to overcome anything that may face us on earth.

When we reach this level of Jesus Spirit among us, interacting between us, we will see the great levels of Jesus’ Power Spirit at work through US as it was when He physically walked the earth.

Practice this as a daily devotion and discipline….
re-Train your brain to the pattern of Jesus Spirit;

Become the same mind with relationships, husband/wife, friends, business and mission associates;

Be thankful for problems, because Jesus Spirit uses them to mold us into a New Mind of the Same Mind for Power, Love and Compassionate living.

Be prepared for Supernatural abilities to be part of your normal day.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Magnitude of Being One...

by Geffry Fields

This is so huge... Jesus is Us is when we come to recognize that
the same Spirit of Jesus is in all who believe.

As a united bunch we make up... Jesus…
as He is literally incarnated into connection with mankind.

This relates to the theme “Where has all the Power Gone.”
Let me explain how this works and why it is so important to be functional, and working with all who believe that Jesus Spirit exists within us and it is our choice and privilege to take full advantage of it.

It is up to us to accept and use it or ignore it.

Use it… for full life
or lose it…. for deprived living.

Dr. A had an influence of great degree on me on this area. This was the contribution he wanted to make to mankind--to leave as a legacy. It was something he felt was so important for this civilization to see, understand and put to work.

I was one who he gave an extensive amount ot time to teach and mentor. But it goes beyond just knowing.... Dr. A. called it developing Spiritual intelligence and for us to be a "living model" of it. It is more than reading the play book and knowing how to play a game. It is going into action and doing it… and doing it well.

He always emphasized... it is in the doing.

"If anything is accomplished for the Glory of God and good of mankind, it MUST be under the direction and administration of the Spirit of Jesus...and the FULL participation of all those living in Jesus Spirit." (Dr. A)

"It is truly powerful and glorious... an ‘incarnation' of God manifesting Himself in men and women."

When Jesus physically left earth, this explosion of power first erupted after he came back in a unique Spiritual-type body. He then left the earth again but this time without dying.

A few days later the match was struck and the fuel of Spirit Power erupted and began spreading everywhere like molten volcanic lava on fire spreading across all the land after a gigantic eruption of force.

Jesus transferred His seat of power and dominion over the earth, as was originally intended, to all those in this group of Jesus Spirit directed people… this Jesus is Us bunch of folks.

WE have the seat of authentic power, dominion over everything on earth.

"Jesus presence is now internalized within us." (Both individually and as a unit.)

Believers in unity make possible the manifest presence of Jesus Spirit...'manifest' meaning open to sight, visible, incredible activity around all this.” It is in “us”... "us" meaning the connection of those connected to Spirit, the very Spirit of God of the universe. Take a minute and visualize this.

This is incredibly awesome, a faith producing self assurance that all things are truly possible. When Jesus is Us "is in proper relationship to Jesus Spirit and also to each other of Jesus Spirit" the all Powerful World-Making Spirit of the Universe works through this cell.

Keep in mind… this is US… One in Spirit.

Note two factors.
First, the individual must maintain this pure relation in himself finely aligned with Jesus Spirit within.
Second, then those who are aligned within themselves must be matched up in the same alignment with each other.

It takes two... given to the same Spirit of Jesus for power to be manifested.

What is so significant is that this oneness may include people of different sociological backgrounds, races, education, religious experiences... it is the Spiritual Oneness that matters. But being together in heart, Spirit and of One Mind is the critical factor. Within that the same purpose/direction, similar missions may be birthed. Clarity of each person’s role is made and a syncopated team evolves.

What is confusing sometimes is the definitions we give church. Are we talking about a church here? The concept of what was to be called… The Church is being redefined. The name is not so significant, the organization, the place... are not the important elements to this. What is important is our Spiritual relationship with Jesus, God and with each other in the same. This is actually a virtual thing, not a named group. As Dr. A said, "It might be of interest to point out that the term church is not mentioned until a later time. In these earliest days of what is often later referred to as the early church, the church is referred to as just the believers. It could be observed here that a crowd, an audience, or congregation is not the body of Christ. Many use this term loosely."

Name, structure, organization, place, buildings have very little to do with it.

"Everyone in a church building is not in The Church. Nor is everyone who is part of a congregation a part of The Church. Nor everyone who has membership in a particular church may not be in the Body of Christ." (Dr. A)

It’s the Spiritual connection of Jesus is Us. Where those truly connected and operating from the Spirit of Jesus in all they do are working in cooperation with each other... being directed by the Spirit within each person that leads them to work as a team. It’s a relational, Spiritual Connection.

Jesus is Us (as Dr. A referred to this as the Body of Christ mentioned in the New Testament by the Apostle Paul) is about what this is about...there is a distinction between those who meet and have a name and do a bunch of things together compared to those who function alongside each other, interconnected by Spirit with each other and see themselves as an orchestrated unit with Jesus Spirit as the conductor united as one massive team. The distinction is "the sharing of Jesus Spirit within the relationship of Spirit-Driven People."

The profound meaning of this concept may be "an intimate sharing" in their connection with each other. The keyword is “intimate”. It’s all about the quality of the Spiritual connection… depth, degree, purity…How close they live out Jesus Spirit genuinely within themselves and among themselves.

In this, specific identity is lost... their aspirations are what we can do assisting each other and giving up individual recognition so as a unit we can accomplish more. It eliminates the problems of position, power and prestige that comes with individually recognized accomplishments.

When walking into this group, someone may ask, "who's in charge here." The response would be... "we are." We all follow the Spirit of Jesus in Us and when we all honestly seek the guidance of the Same Spirit in each of us,

the result is Jesus is ... Us.

It's a Spiritual-based team and we all get to know the other person as God designed them and how to bounce off each other and complement each other. Oneness cannot be manufactured or legislated. It must be born from the heart. It's when the Spirit is and is the same in each person, which is One, when the connection among everyone is One.

Dr. A identified where Being One applies:

1. One with God... Jesus Spirit. This is first and foremost that each person cultivate this in themselves (Being One with Jesus Spirit) or the rest won't work.

Right here it breaks down in many.

Many never really pursue a One relationship with Jesus Spirit. This has to be committed to and functioning in each person for the Profound Mystery of Spirit to work. Through time in the Secret Place of the Most High, in meditation, prayer, Scripture reflection, time in connected Spiritual thought, it is cultivated.

Those who say they do (but don’t) and come together with others are not necessarily in sync with everyone. They actually draw from everyone instead of contributing. It was impressed on me to come “prepared…In Spirit” so to be a contribution. When all do this the result is outstanding.

2. One in themselves. Our central command post is our Spirit... Jesus Spirit... which guides the mind and distinctively channels our thoughts, which then the mind directs the body what to do.

When this is in alignment as One (and the body is not fighting the mind, or the mind having an argument with the Spirit), we as individuals become a Supernatural Force. The biggest war is in the mind, within ourselves... win that one and we have just reached one of the biggest milestones to reach in our lives.

3. One with each other. When each is allowing Jesus Spirit to control and direct each of us, we can create strong alignment here. It is natural when we all are yielding to the same direction of the same spirit... Jesus Spirit. This is the major area. It may have its biggest affect within a husband/wife relationship where the highest degrees of intimacy (Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically) can be formed. One of the first things God did when He created man was form them as a dual-team…husband and wife as One.

This was God’s ideal idea from the beginning. Jesus in the Bible sent His disciples out in pairs. Businesses today are finding the power of cohesive teams in that they many times out perform a highly educated professional.

4. One with all who believe. A society like this would be the most wonderful society in the world. If those who follow and believe in Jesus Spirit, that within itself can start a power-train encroaching into changing the dynamics of the world around them. When One as believers, it is promised in the Scriptures that the Presence of Jesus will manifest and all His capabilities will be overtly demonstrated. That is we will visibly see it happening in our lives in many ways.

5. One in Communication. This will increase our abilities in understanding each other. Again, as we are aligned in the same Spirit, we, without effort "get it" when communicating. And in some cases, we don't need to use words.... we just seem to know. This is a subject of its own and can be very Supernatural in expression.

We have the capability to be in long distances from others and know what is going on with someone else.... when two parties are fine tuned in Jesus Spirit. This can be cultivated and happen as a normal part of our lives like picking up a phone and calling someone.

6. One in ownership. Individual possessive nature is lost when people are the same in Jesus Spirit. Everything we have is part of Us, and we don't see things as our own.

This goes into complete contradiction with how our society thinks and acts. "It's all mine." …as many wish it to be all theirs. But the reverse is the character of Jesus Spirit as One. In our hearts we want all to be well, do well, and help each other out.

We see ourselves as united as one. We pull together and are genuinely happier for others successes than our own. We truly love each other and want better for others than ourselves. So, we share what we have freely as we see others as a part of ourselves... connected as One in Jesus Spirit.

With the Jesus Spirit manifesting around us through aligned Jesus is Us relationships, these qualities should be the norm in our lives. There still is more to this.

The magnitude of Jesus is Us is hard to put into words properly. As said early, it must be put to work... even experimentally for a while to really see what starts to happen. When we do it, we will learn through it as Jesus Spirit teaches us along the way.

The journey must begin first, even though imperfect as we start. This is the only way to find out how extensive this is … and its supernatural impact as it empowers our lives Beyond the natural.

The very Power, Presence, Peace of Jesus Himself is manifested when we function as one.

Our natural, culture thinking is not like this. Even those who call themselves churches are not like this... you can see why they don't demonstrate the power of Jesus now as Jesus did when on earth. Just read the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament and see how well, in reality, we are doing here.

Here’s the Point:
You can do it!

It can start with Just you.

You need just one person to team with who is One with the Jesus Spirit.

Then others may connect… but the focus should not be on how many but on creating quality in the relationship among a few. It is more important to find the committed than get a whole bunch involved. This works for husband/wife, among friends, business associates…

“One can influence hundreds”
"Two, united as One, can influence thousands.”

Start with your immediate relationships.... build Oneness in Spirit in them. In all relationships, focus on One in relationship in Jesus Spirit first.

Then as you see the manifestation of Spirit, life changing, life producing and life creating power in you... expand this to another.

Above all… it is the intimate, close-knit “Oneness” qualities that build the Power of Jesus is Us… at a super-manifesting level.

Above all… make love your aim.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Nucleus of Spiritual Power Rediscovered

by Geffry Fields

Where has all the Power gone!

We were made to have earth-controlling power... to change, control develop lifestyles of our own mental whims as they transpire in our heart and mind.

So what we think about, dwell on just happens....without effort.

This is how it was to be.

Something went wrong.
It was lost… not happening… what have we done to lose this.

IT's coming back. It's beginning to make its reappearance. We are learning, rethinking, reprogramming how we function to make it work as it is to work.

The Power Cell for Power Living is now being rediscovered.

Here's the secret to the whole thing.

It came after these frequent discussions with Dr. A. He had an insight before he died and wanted all to know what he was seeing.

One day he shared the story of how, after Jesus died, He reappeared to His followers. The followers of Jesus, after His execution, were afraid for their own lives. If those who executed Him found them, they might be killed too. So they all huddled in this little room with the doors locked hoping no one would find them.

Jesus came back. Although, with a new body, new look, new countenance. Most failed to recognize Him... after He came back from death with a miracle-produced body. Similar to his old one but different.

He was overcome with love for His followers. He didn't want to leave those alone saddened by his death. They were afraid, discouraged, feeling defeated and all was lost. They even had the doors locked so no one could get to them, not thinking that might keep Jesus from finding them too.

He was gone.... murdered by a bunch of arrogant, self-serving church folks. Who can you trust at times like this? Friends may be enemies. Those in your group may be making deals to betray you. What do you do but hide out.

But Jesus in all the power of Love in the universe would not let their doubt stop Him. He came through, penetrated the walls they had around them, and appeared to them.

Think of this.
Think HOW MUCH power there is in Jesus power of Love in you, and around you. Seeking to find you, even with the walls you put up to prevent anyone, including Jesus, to make His Presence known to you.

Even as we doubt... His Spirit is working for us.

When we may get so discouraged, feel ultimate defeat, He presses through any barrier, even the ones we create, and He will come and show up… personally, with all Heavenly power along with Him.

Jesus Love is so deep and strong, He comes to us in spite of us, to comfort us and let us Know... “I live with you, I 'literally' live in you,” and all things “are” now possible. “Look what I have just done” He would say. Look how I pressed through all your own barriers and have come to appear to you.

No matter what... Jesus Spirit surpasses everything around and in us to come to restore what we think we have lost....making it even better ! He was better and will continue doing more miraculous things...everywhere. He was killed but came back Super-Naturally.

We have the same privilege of this benefit.

Now what is the nucleus to this power? They all hung together, even while disappointed and feeling defeated. As Dr. A emphasized... He came into their mist. He called this the law of manifestation.

When you master the following as the nucleus to your faith in Jesus Spirit in Us... what ever you hope for can be manifested... materialized... come into a tangible,
living reality… in your very life,
YOUR life.

This is the missing ingredient we have lost in our society and institutions of Spiritual representation. The Secret to the Law of Manifestation is… as Dr. A described…
1. When just two or more people join in thought and action,
2. When they connect circuits Spiritually, make contact in person, or through some other communication means (phone, email, internet video, etc.),
3. On behalf of Jesus Spirit...meaning
--In a state of love that loses interest in self and considers others more important than themselves
--Sharing in thought and ideas and respectfully considering others thoughts, feelings and personal gift/callings.
--Serving each other as if they were serving themselves. With Jesus Spirit of serving others more important than trying to get from others, or selfishly using others for one’s own gain.

This is the master formula... that creates miracle, supernatural power in all things and the greatness of Jesus is Us... all universal potential of Jesus manifests itself.

This is the missing component to why power is not around, functioning naturally as a normal, existing part of life.

Master the above and the Supernatural events as Jesus demonstrated when he returned to His followers will be a partisan part of your personal life, business operations, family, and all components of life.

"Given these components, one can expect the manifest presence of Jesus"(Dr. A) as Jesus Spirit is with us. Jesus is now Us.

Expect the least likely, most defeated areas, to have their rebirth, reappearance in you and even marvelously more superior than before. The circuits of Spirit will flow continuously and powerfully in all aspects of all you do. This intimate fellowship with each other is reflected among us... above normal.

What does this MANIFEST Presence of Jesus with Us do?

In clouds of grief, when clouds of life obscure our vision and we see no way out, we are assured of Jesus Presence with us. But, like in the Old Testament when the Children of Israel followed the cloud to the promised land, Spirit of Life is in the cloud. He is There.

The manifest presence of Jesus is there. When Jesus is there, who performed the greatest feat ever, we know All is Possible.

We sense a fullness, a sense of well being when He is present. When we can go deep into the inner being (The Secret Place of the Most High) where Jesus lives in us, we have a peace that heals, satisfies and comforts.

In storms, Jesus stood up and told the wind and waves around Him to subside. He stands up in us and the winds, turmoil, battles raging inside cease.

It creates ecstasy, euphoria, an electrifying sense in our very deep soul. It is a spiritually intense form of please... solid sense of well-being and happiness. It is fulfilling and long lasting. Creates indefinable serenity

A Spiritual purpose is born. Purpose earmarked for us at birth begins to surface. It’s continually being engineered and fulfillment at a super level adheres to it. The human experience of death could not prevent His reappearance. What has died in our lives with seemingly no options of hope left will be re-manifested. Jesus Spirit healing is ours.

When two or more in living Jesus is Us combine vision, empowered purpose surfaces... missions of exciting, motivational quality manifest. Ordinary people with ordinary abilities all of a sudden become super-ordinary. Supernatural ingredients mix with us, which ignite extraordinary action.

"We have the assurance with united believers we have His presence, and if we have His presence all things are possible." (Dr. A)

Put to work what you have, multiple it with what others have... put it to work and the manifestation of Jesus Spirit begins working through you. It grows... you have more to multiple with others, "more" which continues to manifest more.

You see needs met. Conquer the unconquerable, and begin seeing an unending flow of Divine supply connecting to you, with an endless flow.

Jesus Spirit merges with you, the power cell of Spirit among you. Power of Spirit is sparking through you electrically flowing in a power circuit…through Jesus is Us among you.

It's creative, energizing, ecstatically exhilarating.

"We have power to be... to do" (Dr. A)

We live in a mental vision, related to all matters, that this Spirit walks with us and we have the power to do everything and everything can be achieved, attained, created or conquered.

When two or more
of Jesus Spirit met as Jesus is Us and share, pray, believe as a unit, the potential is immeasurable.

The important issue is how each person relates… the respect, the sharing, the unselfish love, the giving caring heart... how each person relates from an honest, non-self serving heart.

The power is in the relationship between the people... it loves, trusts, is open and honest. Because of forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, everyone can be open and honest. We respect the individual person, his purpose, his mission in life and place in Spirit. As love is expressed compassionately, sharing is free and open. Love as a giving act which perpetually flows back and forth...

The law of manifestation is boosted into high performance of a Heavenly, life changing capacity.

All things can be as you desire and your hearts unite for them to be.

The Spiritual circuits of power connect and the power flows.

Jesus is Us is manifested and as the Scriptures say...

"All things are truly possible."

Love, power and those involved increases.

The Power Cell for Power Living is now re-discovered.

It’s alivein you, among youJesus is Us!