Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spirit Savvy Business on a Mission

The Spirit Savvy Business
... advancing Spirit-Directed Entrepreneurs

The Mission

Develop the skills of people to be Spirit-empowered entrepreneurs. So that they operate with the Holy Spirit as their core operating system. The result is integrating into society and the marketplace the Power of God while building the Kingdom of Heaven in the marketplace.

What we do is empower personal skills for business with the power of the Holy Spirit.
In entrepreneur skills
Dreaming, planning, developing your Gifts, marketing, networking, relationships, communicating, influencing, personal organization.

Through the Spiritual empowerment process...

Spiritually empowered, prayer(actually hearing from God), Scripture application and mind renewal,
partnering in mission, 2 or 3 agreement power, covenant relationship, living in the Power of the Gifts of the Spirit.
By posting summaries of outstanding principles from best-selling business books and adding a Spiritual Dynamic to each summary... U
sing the New Testament model of the Body of Christ. Implanting the Body of Christ into a business as the Spiritual empowered for a business as its operating system.

The summaries, which include principles of Spirit-empowered living, are an inventory to customize curriculum of the best biz info applied to you.
--meet to find needs, desires, and interests; determine mission and calling
--develop a process: using your strengths, focus on your vision and mission
--enlarge personal skills: natural strengths
--activate the Gifts of the Spirit
--create a Spirit-Powered system for your mission in the marketplace customized for you by meeting weekly, twice a month, or monthly; in person, phone, or email which ever best fits you.

With relevant business information at your disposal, the power of two minds working together, living in Spirit, we as a unit then live in the same Spiritual Power as the Acts of Jesus and His Disciples recorded in the Bible.

The Arrangement
Summaries are free!
The rest... mutually agreeable arrangement.

One Request
Could you introduce me to business leaders of clubs, groups, associations, etc... in the business community and churches?

Seeking the willing and open minded!
People open to the significance of God's Spirit with us in all we do.

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