Saturday, May 28, 2005

From Survival to The Supernatural

by Geffry Fields

What it takes in the spiritual to see supernatural power in your life to over come tremendous challenges, is the same for what it takes to achieve supernatural results in everything else.

I found this out by an unexpected series of events. The following is a formula that emerged from this. This is a finding of over 15 years of hard labor in the paths of life.

It all began when I found myself living alone in a small apartment after13 years of marriage and a job of over 10 years ended. As I sat there one day feeling all was gone, I made this commitment to God... show me how to find You when all others have forsaken me and I will share it with others. This is the result of that plea and commitment.

I had worked for a religious organization for a decade. It seemed my downfall there began when representing the needs of the employees to the leadership, who became disenchanted with my existence there. I represented nearly 700 employees. The employees really liked me as I would go to bat for them, but the leadership didn't like me to bring the reality of the workplace before them.

I took a survey once, of which I was brought on the carpet for doing, and I was told..."if you want to know what the employees think, you came and ask me" ... this was by the leader of the organization at that time. Real eye opening to institutional leadership and the non-desire for truth and dealing with reality. From then on it seemed I was on a black list. It really enlightened appreciation for Moses and his dealings with Pharaoh.

Next I went through a divorce, and the coffin screws were tightening. This was not an acceptable thing at all with the religious organization, especially being in a management position. Then just a little bit down the road, I was called in to see my superior who informed me that I was being seen with a lady who smoked cigarettes and I was seen drinking a beer at a pizza parlor. Now, this was the icing on the cake for them. I was asked to submit my resignation. Well, I was told to submit my resignation. This moment changed my whole life.

With $2,000 to my name, now on the streets, ex-communicated from the religious organization that raised me. I had no contacts in the world and lived in this dinky apartment. It was there where all friends seemed gone, that the Spirit of Jesus began taking over in a very real and unique way. I will not belabor this story, but I want to share what I have learned from all this.

What it takes to get through very trying times is the same for what it takes to excel Spiritually, enabling you to accomplish exceptional things... as your heart is leading you to do.

One thing I found is happiness again. I found my real self again. I found what my natural gifts are and how to live in them. I told you all of the above, so you know the following has been tested and tried through the refining fire of life's experiences.

From survival to Living in the Supernatural.

A Spiritual Survival Guide
Creating Realities through Spiritual Connection.

Spiritual connection is when people who living in context of "Jesus living in them" connect with others who live the same way. When one's own life is aligned with the Spiritual Principles of Spirit as Jesus defined them and they then connect with others, tremendous power is released through their interactions. Here's the process.... First, take responsibility for your own time in Spiritual Presence. Jesus went off often to pray the New Testament says. During these times, once Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus. It was at these times Jesus was both empowered to a supernatural level and He had clear direction of what to do.

I encourage you to review my posting: Spiritual Intelligence... a supernatural mystery .

Keep a log of what you hear, thoughts you get, senses you have when in times like when Jesus went off alone, and you go off alone as well. Weblogs are a good place to keep these things that come to mind as you have a record and your friends can see them too.

Second, find a person who is doing the same and share with them what you are thinking and sensing from these times alone. This sharing and combined faith and hope for each other is very critical. This process of shared hope, belief and faith for the other, begins a dynamic, strategic release of Spiritual power on your behalf. Jesus said if just two come together and are in agreement(in heart, with love and compassionate desire for the other) He will personally see to it that what you agree on will be done. You have just made a contract, in essence, with Jesus Himself who will personally represent you to The Spirit, who creates all things.

Third, both a Spiritual and reality factor go to work here. You naturally think of what you can to do to be part of the answer to this person's prayer, desire in life. Some answers are right within our abilities... if so, we should respond accordingly. In some cases, we get ideas from each other and from those ideas, the answer begins to form. Then, we get theSpirit of God going to work for us.

Jesus said whatever you ask when you are living in consistency of what "I stand for and what I am about in your life I will see it is done." This is such an awesome thing to think about. Jesus Himself is going to work for us as He inspires us as well to use the gifts, talents He has given us to be involved in the process. We have hope and belief to do things above and beyond we ever could have imagined possible just within ourselves. It is amazing when we are convinced we can do things above and beyond what we have ever done before, we then literally rise to another level.

Fourth, stay in touch with the person you have Connected with in Spirit. This keeps the Spirit of the Universe in motion and keeps us tuned into it for direction and inspiration which leads us to the answer. With cell phones, the internet we can stay in touch better than ever before. It is good to meet in person if possible from time to time. To continue connecting in Spirit prayers (prayer is when our hearts meet with Jesus and we exchange communication with Him... it is a sending out communication and receiving communication.) It is actually being in His Presence. ... and His Presence joins us.

Constantly share what the Spirit of Jesus is saying to you... through your thoughts and dedicated introspective times focused in Jesus Spirit. You'll have your own mount of Transfiguration times like when Jesus was seen with Moses and Elijah when He went up to the mountain to pray. This is Transformational Power at its greatest height.

The blog is a great way to communicate too and bring others into what is on your heart. The power is in being with like-hearted people who are rooting for us from the depths of their hearts and desire as much as we do to see the visions, wishes and needs of our lives taken care... as if they were our own.

Fifth, each person also, individually, connects with others and do the same thing. If you know someone else you care for and trust, do the same with them. Of course, husband and wife are the best to start with and each branch out from there. The exciting thing is, if this other person does the same, and it keeps expanding, before you know it you have quite a Spiritually empowered network at work.

So now you have two Spiritual conduits at work... one with one friend and one with another. You have also enlarged a Spiritually natural flow of Spiritual empowerment going on. It also has the impact of answers coming through this weaving contact of people. Two by two by two begins to create an ever expanding network of Spiritual Connections.

Now do you see what you have just done?

You have just formed the Kingdom of Heaven on earth...All Power of Heaven is at your disposal. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is like a vine, a net, a tree. You have just formed the pattern of Spiritual relationship He was advocating. It was about close relationships developing among people, as with Jesus Himself, and this close relationship network, expanding almost limitlessly. You see how the internet and cell phones are playing such a role for this to happen and be functional in all distances.

What have you just done? This is what the Bible intended to be the concept of church. We can visit on this later. The power and supernatural potential of Spirit affecting our lives moves into an unlimited power close-knit, expansive, penetrating into all facets of society and cultures.

Dr. A. told me this is what was missing to make church as powerful as it was to be. But first the concept of church needed to be redefined. Church is when anyone meets with someone who sees Jesus as the Core Spiritual factor in their lives and they choose to live in His power, relationship and principles of life process.

It just takes two... it's in the relationship quality where true Spiritual Qualities and Power exist.

Simply put... it is relating to the Biblical principles as Jesus taught, meeting in His presence as I described in the Spiritual Intelligence blog... interacting in mission and effort with others of the same Spirit and working as a team in life efforts, activities and vision-driven purposes. This is extremely easy to do. It's a matter of doing it consistently and refining your skills of entering the Spirit of Jesus, who lives in you, allowing His Spirit to restructure your emotional and intellectual being.

It's living in a leisurely ride on the river of life, with His Spiritual current... versus paddling real hard trying to go against the current not flowing within the banks of Spirit flow.

This is also where the supernatural Power exhibited by Jesus is tapped. This can be used among spouses, friends, within a business, with professionally liked-minded groups, etc. It's application crosses all paths of life.

It's simple... but a person must just do it and see what begins to happen. All the Supernatural Power of Jesus Spirit is with you as you Spiritually connect with Him along with the Connection with His Spirit in others.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Spiritual Intelligence… a supernatural mystery

by Geffry Fields

"We have not developed Spiritual intelligence."
This is the first time I heard this combination of words...
"Spiritual intelligence".

Dr. A went on to say we have learned a great deal about how our body’s work. We have made great strides in the 20th Century on learning about how the mind functions, how the physical body works and our varied psychologically makeup.

Although we have very little understanding of how Spirit works in us...what he called Spiritual Intelligence.

Stephen Covey’s The 8th Habit refers to 4 forms of intelligence... mental, physical, emotional and spiritual intelligence. He refers to the spiritual as the conscience side of the human being. He forecasts that in the 21st century we are moving away from an industrial society(physical), to a knowledge working(mental) culture with the future morphing into a wisdom society....where principles of spirit merge with knowledge.

Dr. A saw the Spiritual Intelligence factor as having a high level impact especially in its creative potential... merely through a developed Spiritual intelligence. Covey agrees that this is our most advanced and most important quality.

In essence we have a transformational power available to us that can take a Spirit inspired vision and put into motion factors that eventually transform it to become a tangible reality.

But how does this happen?

So if all this is true, why are we not looking into this with a stubborn earnestness to find it and use it. Spirit created everything and Its Intelligence is superior to all the physical, mental make up of man. Our society rates mental and physical advancements very high… from education we admire smart people, in sports we idolize athletic stars. Sports figures make more money than the President of the United States. Who would you say has the most important job. Here’s another way to look at this… how we view relationship judgments.

I once worked with a single adult matching service for professional people. It seemed like most when looking at the various profiles, first looked at looks, age, activities, kids… the spiritual aspect of the person was hardly considered. We are concerned about looks, the physical in most of our personal relationships and business… the better looking ones, best looking design and most talented (accomplished) get the nod. Then we may look at ones education and intelligence, and then the emotional side….how much fun they are to be with. The last is, even if we get to it, the spiritual qualities of the person.

We function pretty much backwards when choosing our relationships. For seeing supernatural power in our lives, Spiritual Intelligence factors are most important. When two with the same Spiritual base unite they create the Creative Power of Jesus. How close we are in physical age has probably the least effect on effectiveness…but what do we do… we focus on physical age first. You see how our culture has led us from what the power of Spirit can be. We are so age and appearance conscience, we chose the most irrelevant factors over the most important factor.

Spiritual is ageless, without limitations. The most significant compatibility is Spiritual compatibility. Spiritual Intelligence has no age, education, looks, economic differences. Dr. A was about 40 years older than me, although we had this Spiritual closeness. When functioning in Spiritual Intelligence, the young and old affectionately connect, the intelligent and not-so intelligent relate, the pretty and not-so pretty are attracted to each other.

Spiritual Intelligence has a life, world, thought of its own.
Spirit IS... always was... is ...always will be ... Spirit IS!

It’s grounded in Love, and Love functions in a higher realm.

In Spiritual intelligence it is strictly “sameness” there that has its greatest affect on seeing supernatural between the two combined inrelationships... personally, work or mission. Spiritual Intelligence is a sensing thing. What is sensed is cultivated and translated into the mind. The mind carries it, when seen in our mind, it is then converted into emotion… where excitement and passion builds. The physical is merely the slave we use to carry it out. It takes its orders from the mental "controlled" by the spiritual.

The process then is Spiritual… to mental… to emotion… to physical. Our culture and society functions in most cases just the opposite of this.

How do we develop Spiritual Intelligence?

First by not following our physical or mental or emotional inclinations first… what we see and what we are in a physical makeup. Make physical inclinations “stand still and wait” to give time for Spirit to process things. This is best done by quietly waiting with our minds knowing the very Spirit of Jesus is working in us and talking to us. It takes shutting out everything around us and waiting for the “still small voice” as many call it to talk to us. It is letting our mind wander off as in a trance and going off to the very presence of God. (This may take a while… sometimes several hours.) To walk in as Jesus and interact within your sensing, your Spiritual vision, what is to be. It is writing a screen play. The picture begins unfolding before our mind's eye. And sometimes it’s words, a phrase, a thought. (Dr. A, said to listen to these impressions… this is Jesus speaking to you.)

The other is spending time reading inspiring Spiritually based writings such as the prophets in the Bible and other Spiritually inspired writings. The writings that emphasize unlimited Spiritual possibilities incite the Spirit within you, it turns it on, it begins performing.
It’s always there, but in a way, you got to turn it on.

One other area is Spiritual music. Listening to Spiritually inspired music. I personally like Praise and Worship music out today. There are many others. I am listening to an Australian group right now. I have several instrumental selections that inspire the Spirit of Jesus within to reveal His Intelligence. Early in the morning, late at night, walking downtown in a city late at night when all is quiet is the best times and environments for me. I sense the power of Jesus coming over me and I quietly wait and reflect and allow all of Jesus, in me, to begin activating its power.

Covey uses a concept he calls alignment. Dr. A. would emphasize that this alignment be in Spirit with man and Jesus Spirit. That with the privilege of Christ presence now among and in us, we have the same privileges as Jesus demonstrated on the earth and recorded in the New Testament in the Bible. When we are aligned in Spirit with the principles of God's character, Spiritual being, we can see Spiritual Intelligence activated to bring into a tangible reality... those thoughts related to noble and mankind well-being purposes; thoughts that imprint on our minds; what has been inspired in our minds when totally focusing on the Personality, Reality, and Person of Jesus' Spirit. It is in us, among us, universally out there connected to Us.

How does this work?

That was Dr. A's point. We don't understand this very well, nor know how to put it to work. But he felt if people in small numbers(just two or three) who met with the desired purpose to learn and figure it out, God would not disappoint them and He would teach them what to do. He felt if you did this, you would learn as you go and begin to see this happen. Profoundly, he pronounced that Jesus Spirit will teach you directly and personally for those who desire this, seek it and earnestly, without fail, pursue it.

Jesus "personally" teaches each of us.

Sometimes we get caught up in technique. He felt it was not a technique type of thing, but a relationship type of thing. It again went back to the love idea. It’s not about how smart you are or how good looking you are… it’s about your heart, love
Jesus Spirit in you
and resting in that.

As we love, interact in love, and pursue as units, in compassionate efforts, the powers of the Creative God of the Universe go to work on our behalf.

Cultivate Spiritual Intelligence.
The mystery Power of this Intelligence from your senses and visions of mind(day dreams) will be empowered to manifest Itself into a knowing reality. Believe in your connection to The Unending universal Power Source, trust the Spiritually inspired visions and impressions processed through your mind, inspired by Spiritual literature, especially the Bible red contemplatively, and music, Jesus Spirit will begin maturing in you. There is much more to this… but seek Spiritual Intelligence and honor that more than the physical, age, mental, education, emotions, psychological…
The Spiritual Intelligence that brings supernatural power, with universal connection of eternal existing proportions, will walk with you.

So its not a brain thing, a method, ... but a Spiritual love thing.

Spiritual intelligence can only be cultivated in the Spirit, it cannot be developed through intellectual process. This a human body/mind limitation, although we have a Spiritual inner chamber that communicates directly to God's Spirit which is above and beyond, outside of and independent of man's intellectual/mind faculties.

Now begin connecting to Creative Spiritual transformational power with your Spiritual Intelligence.

Jesus Is Us… you have all He had and more!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Mega church....or mega deceptions

by Geffry Fields

They seem like God's thing... but as Business Week said(May 23, 2005) Mega churches are using business principles to accomplish big gains in growth... in numbers of people and capital expansion. Note Business Week on-line...title and link.

Earthly Empires ”How evangelical churches are borrowing from the business playbook”

Can we use world-based principles to accomplish Spiritual goals? Did God hire leading business management (MBA) people to run the Jesus Kingdom? Was Jesus recognized for using the best in technology, the premier entertainment facilities of the day, and tremendous amounts of money to build the best worship centers of the day? Did he have marketing campaigns to get them to come to his high energy, emotional impact meetings of great motivational quality? Business Week said they are “using by-the-book niche marketing tactics” and hiring professional business marketers to direct their efforts. Does this sound like it was the way Jesus said to do it?

Was it the Apostle Paul who said they would have forms of godliness but not His Power? Did not Jesus recruit average folks who with His Power became the mouth piece, the extension of His power for building His Kingdom on earth.? Was it these average people who went out, with power on them and shared the experience they had with everyone... and there, where they were in the streets, in the business, in the home many saw this wonder and became Jesus followers?
Wasn't it going to the needs of man versus spending millions to get them to come to a big entertainment center? And on… and on… and on… where is this going?

Am I seeing something here? Do others see it too? If you do, please let me know. It just makes me cringe inside. Are we missing the point, objective, the cell of Power through the
personal walk of Jesus in Us that is being overlooked? Is something wrong with this picture?
“A form of godliness, but limiting Jesus of His Power. Avoid such people."(2 Timothy 3:5)

If through the Spirit, after Jesus physical death, He came back in the form of His Spirit now among us, why do we make "going to church" such a big deal. When Jesus, The Spiritual Church, is Us. We are the Church... as a Spiritual unit in the world.

The church is the person of Jesus;
The person of Jesus lives in and among Us;
Jesus Is Us!

Neil Diamond once wrote a song called Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show.
I took liberty to write my own parody of this new version of the Salvation Show.

The Big Building along the Big Road Salvation Show

(theme stanza)

And the choir sings Hallelujah

Let's grab all the babies bring in the cool ladies
and everyone go to the Big Building along the Big Road Salvation Show

And the choir sings Hallelujah


(Repeat theme)

Get them dancing and shouting to the music score
Tell them good things about life
so the tests they ignore

It's Christmas, play songs in high concert style
put it on TV, let's make it last for a while
Hundreds of thousands get to see the show
Hundreds get saved... again... and... again... you know

(Repeat theme)

Bring in Professionals to make the sounds ring with singers galore
Buy from LA a camera crew to video the gala show and more
The Big stage lights flow in syncopated rhythm, up and down the rows
They all will know its the Salvation Show

(Repeat theme)

They're getting them there, bowing their heads, raising their hands
They start walking up front led by a parade
of good hearted folks who will then lead them to the Lord
Signing a card, led in prayer, but when it's all said and done
and when the spot lights again sweep the crowd on the floor...
and then... when the lights are out...
will they still be there living for the Lord.

(Repeat Theme) (Music stops, choir disappears)
Lights Out... the end of the show
Only lights left on the cars missing from the empty parking lot
It's Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat.
No show these nights
cause Sunday's the day of the salvation show.


The Big Building along the Big Road Salvation Show

Spotlights and a big stage
Radio spots and TV ads
The big spot along the Big Road
It seems so much like a show

But really... does anyone really see the hidden spot
on the person's heart looking for someone to
"know them" intimately
embracing their hearts,
and willing to "be with" them along the way.
Jesus said to simply notice the one that's alone
go to him or her, and be their friend,
and then you have done the greatest service for His Kingdom.

So with the Big Buildings as a Billboard along the Big Road
and the Big Show,
in trying to get everyone saved,
have we lost sight of the bigger call,
to take time to get to know them,
to love, and to help that one person we see each day.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Making Love in the Bride’s Room

by Geffry Fields

What ever you do to the least of these you do to me.
To be perfect,
perfect this... learn how to love each other.

All powers of the world hinge on our expression of love. When love breaks down all things break down. It creates inertia... all things stop.

It took me by surprise. A shining star division manager for a Fortune 500 technology company's division was experiencing 40% growth yearly.... over a 7-year span. While producing a video for him, he shared a thought I never forgot.

Although known for his common use of 4-letter words you wouldn't hear in Sunday School, he showed a very compassionate side. He referred to his employee base as a community, a family. He teamed people who most had, at the best, a high school education. Not the cream-of-the-crop engineers you might expect in this type company.

When it come down to it, after probing on what made his people perform above what most would expect... he let it slip... "I love my people." It was a peculiar choice of words for this apparently hard person.

In meetings I saw how much he cared and valued each person. He saw abilities in them most would not come close to recognizing.

I also saw this in my mentor’s life, Dr. A. He respected and valued every person he met. He gave time and attention to people you would not see as important. He respected them as a creation of God. God had put some very unique abilities in them. He saw "Creator" greatness in each one he met. He sought to find what that was and attempted to spark the person to see it too and put it to work for advancing the Jesus principle of love throughout society. "It only takes a spark to get a fire a glowing" he carried as a personal theme.

What is “making love?”

One way to see love is to consider the opposite....judging.
Jesus cautioned people not to judge. “In the same way you judge others you will be judged,” He said. Look for the creative best in the others and help them make it become a reality in their lives.

Judging finds a weakness and then cuts the person down. Love finds their uniqueness and attempts to build it up in them. To the degree that we do this, is the same degree that it is done to us.

Love is projecting into the lives of people

Respect for them

Admiration of them

Belief in them and what they are capable of

We are all made by the same source. The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth made us from Scratch. A true entrepreneur, visionary person is one who can take an idea, with no apparent resources, and bring it into reality. When we see "each" person, that is "every" walking person on earth as one of God's masterpiece creations... built from scratch with God's imagination... we can respect that person as a valued person of Divine choosing. When we look closer and see what is really unique about that person, we can come into admiration of what is really there. Each person is similar to us but different than anyone else.

As Jesus emphasized....It will be done according to your belief. As we believe in God's potential for that person, we can see an incredible potential begin emerging, blossoming, become a new shining star of society.

Love is when we participate with God to bring out the unique best qualities in all those we meet, work with and hire to work for us. He has put in us "love" to find that and help all we meet, work with, find it too. When they recognize it, believe in them as they see us believing in them, they rise to the level of belief put into them. As Jesus saw them and believed in them. They became what He saw in them. They will do the same for us. As a unique person no one can match or be like them. When you cultivate that uniqueness, they bring an invaluable contribution into your life, business, activities.

As a community of those who make it a point to live out Jesus Spirit in us, we welcome the very Presence and Power of His existence when on earth. He said to love each other in a very intimate way as loving ourselves, like a bride. The Bible refers to the group of people who live in this lifestyle as His Bride. When two or three meet with Jesus Spirit among them, they have all of Jesus Power, loving intimacy at their disposal.

It's... making love in the Bride’s room. As we make love among each other in Spirit, we have ecstasy, joy and love expressing itself that is beyond description. When we commit to
making love, we then manifest and activate authentic Jesus Power through us.

All we can say is … “WOW!"

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Relationship Power... exceeds what's possible

by Geffry Fields

The principles he based it all on... It was always the nature of Jesus to put things in very a simple form. He said all the commandements are summed up in two simple God with all our Heart, Mind and Soul. And show the same love to everyone else. For Him, it started in love and ended in love. From this core principle everything is built. I had a chance to get my mentor's view on this whole picture. So I summed it up as follows.

Relationship Power...exceeding the possible

"Some View This As Radical," he said. "Remember That Spirit Creates Matter," he emphasized.

When the late Dr. A visited with me that day I saw a piercing earnest look in his eyes. He believed that "Spirit", God's Spirit, creates matter and that same Spirit is available to mankind
today. He also expressed that "this is radical." Here a man in his early 80's had a vision for our world like a young person just getting out of college. I have summarized a few of his thoughts he expressed as possibly radical - or maybe a radical departure from what we see today. In business, life or an organization, this can be your apex of power.

What Makes a Quality Person?
Self centeredness hinders quality working relationships. Harmonious relationships are necessary to reach ideal goals. These individual qualities need to be an active personal characteristic of individuals working together.
Be humble
Be teachable
Be forgiving

When Supernatural Results are Produced from Meeting.
Smaller groups can get more results than larger groups because it is easier to develop harmony and "caring" relationships when people honestly love and care for others in a group - even more than themselves. It creates a powerful Spiritual dynamic. They will see greater results at higher levels with these qualities. Dr. A outlined the spiritual foundation for achieving "supernatural" results.
Two or more
--working together
--believing in Jesus Christ as actually with them
a. loving
b. sharing
c. serving

"We have this assurance that as united believers we have His presence, and if we have His presence, all things are possible."

The Quality of Oneness
The ideal for power in any group will have all these factors interacting in the group (a community, an organization, the workplace).

1. One with God
2. One in themselves
3. One with each other
4. Unity with all believers
5. In communication... constantly in touch with each other
6. Unity in material things ... sharing with those in need
7. Unity in sharing their faith ... groups together in mission should at all costs avoid disunity.

Bonding Brings Supernatural Results
Committing all that we have for the good of each other creates a bonding, producing supernatural results. Such love, togetherness draws people to a group like, as if it were a magnet. They form the power of God. Then, all things become possible as they believe.
The key is ... each person's need is viewed as important as their own. The group makes sure all personal needs are taken care of.

Spirit Moves the Physical
When God created earth, nothing existed at first. His Spirit continues to manifest itself in the earth. As believers in Jesus Christ and God's existence come to work together, the potential for creation still exists.

Dr. A emphasized many times in our meetings that Spirit creates matter. As two or more agree, with sacrificially loving relationships, this power to create from "nothing" is still available. United belief through prayer manifests the invisible (belief in mind and heart) to become tangible (a physical existing reality).

For the believers in Jesus Christ the power of Christ resides in and around us. When at least two believers meet concerning a matter, all of God's Spirit power is available. It takes "being knit together." "It may be impossible for mortal men and women; but with God all things are possible!"

"Be informed, be unselfish, be courteous."

As long as he sought the Lord, God made him to prosper.
2 Chronicles 26:5

(A Daily Spiritual Discipline personally practiced by Dr. A)

Building Faith, Getting Results

1.Each morning memorize from God's Word the faith creating Word for the day.

2.Pray aloud. Affirm your precise, specific requests.

3.Expect guidance for the fulfillment of the requests for the day.

4.Plan and write the faith act of the day; include time, place, person, etc., which applies.

5.Share with another your faith "Word" with strong feeling! Join hands in prayer for the expected results. Team up for action.

6.ACT. Do as guided, ACT. Do your part - God will do His part.

7.Let Love be the power putting faith into achievement.

8.Hold Christ in worship, praise and thanksgiving.

9.Testify to a friend about your progress.

Well, I had hundreds of personal meetings with Dr. A in the last 6 years of Dr. A's life...until the mid 1990's. Dr. A served as president for several Christian colleges. His one son was a nationally recognized government leader, his deceased son was an active "secret" contributor to personal needs of humanity. His other son is a businessman.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Spirit of Jesus is us... Possibilities!

The Spirit of Jesus is among us.

Jesus Spirit lives in each of us
and Jesus promised He would be with us always.

So Jesus is

in all of us.

The Benefits!

What does this mean for every person, every walking, existing person on earth? What does this mean in our life styles and how we live?
How do we really live in all of who Jesus was,
realize Jesus Spirit is on earth now?
What is He like
and how is that expressed through us?This will be a place for this to be discussed, in the view of what I have learned about Jesus in my own life.

In what I have studied...
from being a child who walked the hill country observing his creation...
to being a person who reflects in Spirit about who He is
and what that means...
to the person who has studied the Bible most all my life
but sees the average person not seeing it in formal existing representations.
(My heart goes particularly out for you.)

Jesus is real and lives right within your very reach...
but even closer than a reach...
He lives in you... right now !!

and all of who He was on earth can be part of your life now.

Just accept that and walk in His Ways.

Those who accept this reality, possibility of Jesus in you, live in the Spirit He has put in you,
you will see Him and realize this as a functional reality.
Jesus Is Us

is about the plan of Jesus coming to exist among us...
in our personal lives,
within our relationships,
within our business systems,
within our activites and all the things we do. love and appreciation for you.

Geffry Fields