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Power Through Prayer (15) ... Unction, Penetrating Power

by Dale Shumaker
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Power through Prayer by E. M. Bounds is becoming a book on prayer that is being highly recommended. Many great people of faith have said Bounds has been a major influence in having a dedicated prayer life. Here are summaries of the chapters in Power through Prayer.

Power Through Prayer, chapter 15, Unction ... Penetrating Power:

Unction is that indefinable, indescribable something which an old, renowned Scotch preacher describes thus: “There is sometimes somewhat in preaching that cannot be ascribed either to matter or expression,  or from where it comes, but with a sweet violence it pierces into the heart and affections and comes immediately from the Word.”

We call it unction. It is this unction which makes the word of God “quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” It is this unction which gives such point, sharpness, and power, and which creates such friction and stir in many.

A baptism of this unction, makes the letter of the Word become embellished and fired by a mysterious power, in that a throbbing of life begins—life which receives or life which resists. The unction pervades and convicts the conscience and breaks the heart.

Unction is simply putting God in his own word. By mighty and great prayerfulness and by continual prayerfulness, it is all potential and personal to the speaker; it inspires and clarifies his intellect, gives insight and grasp and projecting power; it gives to the person heart power, which is greater than head power; and tenderness, purity, force flow from the heart by it.

Enlargement, freedom, fullness of thought, directness and simplicity of utterance are the fruits of this unction.

This unction comes to the preacher not in the study but in the closet. It is heaven’s distillation in answer to prayer. It is the sweetest exhalation of the Holy Spirit. It impregnates, suffuses, softens, percolates, cuts, and soothes. It carries the Word like dynamite, like salt, like sugar; makes the Word a soother, an arranger, a revealer, a searcher; makes the hearer a culprit or a saint, makes him weep like a child and live like a giant; opens his heart and his purse as gently, yet as strongly as the spring opens the leaves.

This unction is not the gift of genius. It is not found in the halls of learning. No eloquence can woo it. No industry can win it. No prelatical hands can confer it. It is the gift of God—the signet set to his own messengers. It is heaven’s knighthood given to the chosen true and brave ones who have sought this anointed honor through many an hour of tearful, wrestling prayer.

It takes a diviner endowment, a more powerful energy than earnestness or genius or thought to break the chains of sin, to win estranged and depraved hearts to God, to repair the breaches and restore the Church to her old ways of purity and power. Nothing but this holy unction can do this.

The complete chapter on unction ... penetrating power:
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